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Winter Olympic's Closing Ceremony and Medal Count

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    Well, after roughly two weeks worth of competitive events, the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia are coming to a close. Just like with the opening ceremony, Russia plans to put on a big show to cap everything off. It should be on the scale of the impressive opening ceremonies, only this time all the athletes that won will be showing off their hardware around their necks.

    Closing Ceremony goes down 8:14 Sochi, Russia time, but NBC won't be airing it live. Instead, they opted to air the show on NBC at 8:30 EST for prime time Sunday night viewing (that would be tomorrow night, 2/23).

    Only one more day of games to go. There will be one more Cross Country event. 4 man Bobsled will also be wrapped up with the final 3rd and 4th heat, culminating in a gold for someone. And a gold for men's hockey still needs to be handed out. That one will either go to Canada or Sweden, as they both beat everyone else out for the final.

    Medal count officially ends 2/23 EST time. Here's the current count for gold medals awarded for the top achieving countries:

    Russia - 11
    Norway - 11
    United States - 9
    Canada - 9

    Looks like the US came close to being the medal leaders this time around, but couldn't quite pull it off. It's a shame really, in my eyes. Big names like Shawn White coming in 4th in snowboarding hurt us. Or Bode Miller getting 6th in skiiing. Those were our locks. Oh well. All in all, this Olympic showing was hard fought and no one really ran away with the show as a country. Canada probably had the biggest headlines and most notable wins actually, and even their count will end up very close to ours.

    For full medal count, check out this official link: 2014 Sochi Medal Count
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    For the most part I felt that all of our athletes did their best. The only exception is the US men's 5-0 hockey loss to Finland. The men played well the whole Olympics, but their 1-0 loss to Canada in the semi-finals took away their spirit. And it showed in the bronze medal game against Finland, especially after giving up 2 goals quickly at the start of the 2nd period.

    Nevertheless, I admire all the athletes, winners and losers, for their sportsmanship. They set an example that our political leaders should take to heart.
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    Update on medal count for today's events:

    Russia won gold in 4 man Bobsled. Latvia got silver. USA bronze.

    Russia also cleaned up in Cross-Country; they took all 3 medals there.

    As for Ice Hockey, Canada won the gold. Sweden the silver.

    Official link for that info HERE

    On the last day, Russia made the total medal count look more like a bit of a runaway. Total medal count for all events ends up looking like this:

    Russia - 13 Gold / 33 Total
    Norway - 11 Gold / 26 Total
    Canada - 10 Gold / 25 Total
    USA - 9 Gold / 28 Total

    We officially ended up with the 2nd most medals from Sochi. Not bad at all. Russia got what they wanted too, they hosted and got the most wins.

    Full and final medal count results for all participating countries can be found HERE