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Ex-Fiesta Bowl Executive Faces Prison Time

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    John Junker faces prison time after allegedly orchestrating a political campaign-finance conspiracy that greatly harmed the community, the game and his employees. The U.S Attorney's office is pushing for at least one year to be served by Junker. “Junker’s crime is serious: he was the leader of a multi-object conspiracy to make illegal campaign contributions, to lie to the Federal Election Commission and to defraud the United States by concealing illegal campaign contributions and lobbying expenses from the IRS,” said the prosecutors. Now on the other hand, the prosecutors also went on to say Junker had honestly seemed sorry for his actions and was 100% willing to cooperate. For a man who makes $600,000.00 a year to make a mistake like this is beyond me. There's to many people now-days making decision like this to further there greed and selfishness.