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6 More Winter Weeks Says Phil

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    Phil the Groundhog has seen his shadow this morning, signifying there will be 6 more weeks of winter. To some, this is a silly thing to do... let a groundhog out of a little room to see if he sees his shadow or not, to ultimately predict the future. As quirky as it is, it has been proven to be mostly correct. It has been a German folk tradition for to do this for years and years. The odds of seeing his shadow were very likely considering he has seen his shadow 100 times, and not seen just 17 times. I do think its strange that the men in top hats are the only people who can translate the little guy's movements, but hey, who am I to say they are wrong. While all is good for the Phil the groundhog, Go get em' 49'ers, keep on doing your thing and make it happen next year! This is the first time for the great game to be on the same day as Phil makes his appearance.