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Kate Upton-Americas Bombshell Or?

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    Kate Upton has been envied by thousands of women, and desired by almost every man on the planet ever since she made her first appearance on 'Youtube' doing the dance known as "The Dougie". Yes, after 9 million views, that was her big break. Since then she has been a runway model and spokes-woman for Victoria's Secret, Vogue, Maxim, and of course, Sports Illustrated. Not too mention all of her other endeavors which include appearances almost anywhere. This is great for her, but I can't help but notice how much difference there is between the woman we all see in the pictures... and the real woman. It is amazing how much these photos are edited and touched up to look absolutely perfect for the world. I am not saying she is not a beautiful woman, but I am curious what would happen (if anyone would even dare to participate) if for one week: no makeup, no thousand dollar pieces of clothing, no 2 thousand dollar days at the spa or self prep work, and lastly NO EDITING OF PHOTOS. And yes, I AM talking about male AND female. It would be great to see this happen.