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    The 40th Annual People's Choice Awards were held last night. Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs from "Two Broke Girls" hosted the event and did an astounding job, in my opinion. Here is the full list of winner's from last nights show:

    Favorite Comedic Movie: "The Heat"
    Favorite Comedic Movie Actor: Adam Sandler
    Favorite Comedic Movie Actress: Sandra Bullock
    Favorite Dramatic Movie: "Gravity"
    Favorite Dramatic Movie Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio
    Favorite Dramatic Movie Actress: Sandra Bullock
    Favorite Family Movie: "Despicable Me 2"
    Favorite Horror Movie: "Carrie"
    Favorite Thriller Movie: "Now You See Me"
    Favorite Network TV Comedy: "The Big Bang Theory"
    Favorite Comedic TV Actor: Chris Colfer
    Favorite Comedic TV Actress: Kaley Cuoco
    Favorite Network TV Drama: "The Good Wife"
    Favorite Dramatic TV Actor: Josh Charles
    Favorite Dramatic TV Actress: Stana Katic
    Favorite Actor in a New TV Series: Joseph Morgan
    Favorite Actress in a New TV Series: Sarah Michelle Gellar
    Favorite TV Crime Drama: "Castle"
    Favorite Competition TV Show: "The Voice"
    Favorite Cable TV Comedy: "Psych"
    Favorite Cable TV Drama: "The Walking Dead"
    Favorite Premium Cable TV Show: "Homeland"
    Favorite Cable TV Actress: Lucy Hale
    Favorite TV Anti-Hero: Rick Grimes, "The Walking Dead"
    Favorite TV Bromance: Sam, Dean and Castiel, "Supernatural"
    Favorite TV Gal Pals: Rachel and Santana, "Glee"
    Favorite On-Screen Chemistry: Damon and Elena, "The Vampire Diaries"
    Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Show: "Beauty and the Beast"
    Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Actor: Ian Somerhalder
    Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Actress: Kristin Kreuk
    Favorite TV Movie/Miniseries: "American Horror Story"
    Favorite Daytime TV Host: Ellen DeGeneres
    Favorite New Talk Show Host: Queen Latifah
    Favorite Late Night Talk Show Host: Stephen Colbert
    Favorite Streaming Series: "Orange is the New Black"
    Favorite Series We Miss Most: "Breaking Bad"
    Favorite New TV Comedy: "Super Fun Night"
    Favorite New TV Drama: "Reign"
    Favorite Male Artist: Justin Timberlake
    Favorite Female Artist: Demi Lovato
    Favorite Breakout Artist: Ariana Grande
    Favorite Pop Artist: Britney Spears
    Favorite Country Artist: Taylor Swift
    Favorite Country Music Icon: Tim McGraw
    Favorite Hip-Hop Artist: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
    Favorite R&B Artist: Justin Timberlake
    Favorite Band: One Direction
    Favorite Alternative Band: Fall Out Boy
    Favorite Song: "Roar," Katy Perry
    Favorite Album: "The 20/20 Experience," Justin Timberlake
    Favorite Music Video: "Roar," Katy Perry
    Favorite Music Fan Following: "Lovatics," Demi Lovato
    Favorite Year End Movie: "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire"
    Favorite Movie: "Iron Man 3"
    Favorite Movie Actor: Johnny Depp
    Favorite Movie Actress: Sandra Bullock
    Favorite Movie Duo: Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, "Gravity"
    Favorite Action Movie: "Iron Man 3"

    Did anyone watch the show last night? Were you happy with the winner's or pulling for someone or something else?