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The PGA Tour Confuses Me

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    I can't understand the PGA Tour schedule. Why does it have to be so damn complicated? Can someone explain this to me?

    The PGA schedule has been changed, in a minor or very radical way, every year for the last decade. Their format is no where near what you could call traditional; it doesn't have an established regular season, post season, then a championship round like almost every either pro sport I've ever heard of. Well, I take that back. It sorta does. But, how can the PGA Championship game not take place at the end of the "season"? Like in 2012, the Ryder Cup and I believe one or two other tournaments happened afterward. Shouldn't the PGA Championship be the last and end all of the season? They say they do this to allow for 'lesser' golfers to card in for the next year's slate of tournaments. But it's clear they know this isn't the smartest way to conduct the schedule, as they tinker with it every year.

    Now, the 2014 season marks the first time ever that the PGA tours will not take place in the same calender year. Their bright idea here is that the tour will start in October and carry through to August of the following year... that in itself isn't wrong in my eyes. I just wonder why the PGA can't seem to get it right. There are some 40 odd tournaments. Why not just have a 'regular season' with the first 30 or so tournaments, establish the qualifiers to advance via some form of tally point system (or individual record), and reserve the remaining 10 or so for semi and finals? And, if the answer is that they are doing that this time around, why didn't they just do it to begin with? I fail to understand.