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Rihanna: From Bankruptcy to Forbes Top 50

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    Pop singer Rihanna has had an interesting career. She went from being hired onto Jay-Z's label back in 2006, to co-starring in the music video for the seemingly one-hit-wonder single of 'Pon de Replay', to break out star with multiple #1 hit songs in quick succession, to financially bankrupt just years later in 2009 by a bad investment in some overly priced real estate. Coincidentally, 2009 was the same year that tabloid reporters went crazy on the story between her and Chris Brown, her boyfriend at the time. You remember that story, right? Basically, Chris Brown beat her up. Punched her in the face. It was bad.

    And, then she somehow she came out of all that. She continued to perform and she continued to be successful in the music industry. Fast forward to now, and Forbes does their list for top 50 earnings, Rihanna ranks #13 with an estimated yearly earnings total of $43 million. Not to mention that her net worth as of now is valued close to $90 million.

    She still has talent. She started with it and she has procured it into a very successful career. Maybe her relationship and investment choices are dicey at times, but I can't hate on her for that alone. Rihanna is very active in philanthropy and runs multiple charities for HIV/AIDS victims and family members. She seems to work incredibly hard and hardly has taken a break since Jay-Z decided to give her a chance just 7 years ago. I don't really like her style of music. But, I'm always curious on the bios of pop singers. Think it tabloid drama, but these people have incredible drive and determination. And, they produce music. They do something they really enjoy. There's something admirable about that. While I won't jam out to Rihanna on the daily, I think I'll throw on 'Pon de Replay' on Spotify right now, just as a nod of respect and a token toward nostalgia. Seriously, that song coulda been her only hit. It's impressive that she surpassed it, to me at least.

    Bring on the retrackers and haters though, if any want to surface. This is a forum thread, after all. Curious if any agree or disagree.