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17-point Underdog Wins the Sugar Bowl

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    The Oklahoma Sooners were a 17-point underdog in the Sugar Bowl against the overwhelming favorites, the Alabama Crimson Tide. But the game went down almost in the exact opposite fashion; the Sooners dominated, winning big in a 45-31 rout.

    Alabama has dominated the NCAA for the last several years. And they were ranked #1 most of this year too. Most figured that they would win the national championship. But, a fall here and a missed play and tackle there landed them in the lesser but still big time bowl game of the Sugar Bowl. On the other hand, the Oklahoma Sooners of 2013 are far from the national championship teams of the early 2000's (were they won '00 and '03). The Sooners had to play some quality football this year, win a streak of games and the end of the season and work their way into this coveted bowl game.

    Funny to think of the tale of both these teams and the culminating effort and result of the Sugar Bowl. If you were to graph it, the Tide would be an arrow trending on a downward slope, where the Sooners would be trending high just at the right time. Where the two lines meet on this graph, on this day, during this game, the Sooners just so happened to bring a higher caliber game.

    That's a pretty good way to look at sports, especially football. They say streaks are so important in the NFL. Just consider the NY Giants and GB Packers of the last few Super Bowl wins. Moral of the story for Alabama, bring your A game at the end of the year. Easier said that done, I guess. I'm no Tide or Saban fan, so good on Oklahoma.