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New Blogs Feature Released

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  • Liberal Democrat
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    Hi Everyone,

    We just released a news blogs feature to the community. It is pretty basic right now but we plan on expanding it with several more features and also plan to update the discussion forums as well. The idea will be to make the user interfaces for using the blogs & forums to be similar and have them be complementary features for the website.

    Currently, only older members (on for at least a month) can create blog articles for now but we plan to expand it to all users in the near future. For now, to create or view blogs, you will go to the settings icon when logged in but eventually we will move it to a new top menu member content icon that will be for discussion forums, blogs & comments.

    We are also working on a comments feature for the blogs and that will be used in other places throughout the website.

    There will also be an improved common interface for viewing all the content you contribute to the website including forums, blogs & future comments as well as searching the entire website for content.

    Hope everyone enjoys it. Feel free to give feedback here.
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    Hello Kosko: I have not been on the Hub for a couple of weeks, and when I came back today, my Avatar is gone. I post
    under the name "Eternal Flame" and have used the statue of Liberty for my photo image for a very long time. Suddenly,
    today it is missing. How do I catch up with all the new changes? Have any of my messages been deleted?

    So many things seem to be changed, yet I can't exactly figure out what happened, & how to catch up on all the changes.
    It took me over an hour trying to figure out how to reach you, to ask this question. (ha) And I am not kidding.

    I really loved the forum, just like it was about 3 weeks ago, and all the changes leave me confused. I hope these new
    things won't alienate some of the "older" folks away from the Hub, since its nice to see some of the old familiar faces.
    Yet, it can be exciting to see what new ideas can be implemented. So I will try hard to adapt. --- "Eternal Flame"
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    EF just go the gear symbol at the top right and under edit photos choose your old photo and it should upload. I don't know why they did this without a word of mention to anyone but hey it's their site!