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The Australian Open is Really, Really Hot

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    Australia is always a hot place to play tennis, but this year's Australian Open is one of the hottest on record. The heat became so unbearable that play was temporarily halted after temperatures reached 107 degrees. At least one player fainted during their match, as did one ball-boy. Officials have been pushing back against criticism for not taking the heat seriously enough, but finally succumbed to the fact that they needed to halt play before more players became ill.

    This month of January has been one of the hottest on record in Australia and the heat shows no signs of easing. A recent report from the Climate Council suggested that Australia get used to this because the number of heatwaves on the continent is expected to "projected to increase significantly" in the years to come.

    What does everyone think of the heat wave that is wreaking havoc on the Australian Open? Is this just something that players will have to get used to, or will the tournament have to change dates if the heat continues to cause so much damage to the tournament?