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Is it Time to do Away With the Pro Bowl?

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    The NFL front offices are trying to make this years NFL Pro Bowl more exciting by creating the first ever Pro Bowl "draft" and doing away with the AFC versus NFC rivalry. Instead, each team will consist of members from both conferences who are picked from the newly instituted draft. To a laymen like me, this seems like an awfully desperate attempt to get the attention of the fans who long ago stopped watching the most worthless game in football.

    I've often wondered why the NFL continues to insist on having a Pro Bowl game. It seems like more of a party than anything else. Many of the best players don't even participate because they are preparing for the Super Bowl. Those that do would be loathe to try their best and get injured in the process. So what you wind up getting is a game where no one really tries and no one really watches.

    Does anyone disagree with me? Am I wrong in feeling that the NFL could easily do away with this game without many fans even noticing they did in the first place?