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Mid-Level Conferences Having a Banner Year in Men's Basketball

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    This year's NCAA basketball rankings are unlike anything we have seen in many years. The top 25 teams still have many of the powerhouses that we are used to seeing on a yearly basis, but there are just as many teams on the list that haven't seen this type of ranking in a very long time. We have gotten so used to the powerhouse conferences leading the way that we sometimes forget there are a lot more teams out there.

    One look at the rankings and you will notice that this year is different. Wichita State, a team in the Missouri Valley Conference, is currently sitting at third in the rankings. San Diego State and Cincinnati are sitting at 6th and 7th. And the top 25 is rounded out with some other names that we just aren't used to seeing.

    Is anyone following Men's College Basketball much this year? What are your thoughts of the seemingly wide open tournament that this year will bring? Is it a good thing that there are no shoo-in's this year or is it more fun when there is a team of destiny that you know is meant to win?