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BCS Championship Game Comes Down to the Wire

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    After trailing for much of the game, Florida State mounted a furious comeback and took the lead back with just seconds to go in the BCS National Championship game. Star quarterback Jameis Winston struggled for much of the game, except for when it counted. Down four with two minutes to go, Winston marched his team 66 yards down the field in breathtaking speed and connected a game winning touchdown pass with Kelvin Benjamin with only seconds left on the clock, which left Auburn players and fans alike speechless.

    Auburn dominated for most of the game and will surely be questioning what went wrong in those final seconds of the game. The championship looked to be theirs throughout the entire game, but their defense just could not hold its own against a hungry Florida State team when it counted most.

    What did everyone think of today's game? Are you happy with the result or were you hoping that Auburn would have come out on top?