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does resistant micromutation require a new medical-science paradigm?

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    A 13 year old relative just died. Hospitalized for months, the auto-immune disorder (I don't know the details or even "name"
    of the disorder) progressively "ate away" her body. In one of the most prestigious facilities, the ultimate of medical and pharmaceutical
    science was helpless to even arrest/curtail the fatal continuum of process.
    Especially with auto-immune diseases, I can't help thinking "cellular-level suicide"!! Even society-suicide ("sociecide"?)
    For although there may be an "inception" (such as infection) as trigger-factor, the
    continuum of process is "auto-genetic", so to speak. The componentials that should
    differentiate antigen for attack don't, rather, mistake (or proliferate to include) particulate
    (cellular-into-organ) paradigms of destroying and devouring of the healthy organism. Antibodies awry, for example.

    A virus or bacterium is an entity subject to chemical control and destruction such as by
    antibiotics. These immune-complexes seem independent of, if not resistant to, such
    "microbial treatments". Brain-eating and flesh-eating entities seem not to be micro-entities alive . . . thus vulnerable to being killed.

    Such being the case -- that the "agent of degeneracy" (such as immune complex or even prion (as trigger-factor) . . is "extra-systemic" from the bipart organic process (a disease microbe and the diseased person) -- is the matter-level (what can be seen microscopically or through other diagnostic revelations of substantive state) actually a manifestation of symptoms? And is the actual "disease" not systemically so -- rather, a response within a broad-field of potential factors of causation?

    Such consideration even pervades the paradigm of conventional affliction when one
    considers susceptibility differentials. Some succumb, others, immersed in the worst sepsis and suppurating surroundings seem impervious. Such should be more and more implicit in biomedical contemplations and experimentations now that micro-mutancy is threatening the once-supremacy of antibiotics and even preemptive preventatives such as disinfectant agents.

    Could it be that, as conventional "symptoms" (fever, flush, chills, mucous, nausea, and all) are not THE DISEASE process itself. . . . that the "micro-manifestations" observed
    under the microscope (and even by various scans and scopes) are not THE DISEASE either, but merely the "mechanisms"? And is THE DISEASE in cases perhaps even a pervasive though "invisible/undiscernable" elecrophysiological field phenomenon?!?!
    Thus could off-the-wall experimentations be done? ECT applied to afflicted parts of the body?
    Nano-particulate endo-saturations of areas thence irradiated or otherwise bombarded to selectively destroy molecular modules (which are the "existentially-infrastructurally" actuality of organic and auto-immune entities both (as well as everything, yes everything, else . . . .).

    Would dysfunctions even unto dissolutions be curtailed by sound-wave treatments?
    Is there even actual efficacy obtained from prayer (whether, if so, it be but a suggestion-
    placebo-effect, quite beside the point -- for more and more it seems there's evidence
    that actual pharmaceuticals involve placebo proportions to the patient).

    Interesting areas that medicine may have to explore now that resistance has risen to
    the point that iatrogenic infection is almost an "aftereffect" of invasive procedure (even,
    it's feared, catheterization), not to mention actual surgery . . . . . . .
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    What a tragic loss for your family at age 13. Very hard to accept and understand. Hope you will find a way to deal with this in some optimistic way. In the meantime, our prayers are certainly with you.
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    eternal flame Wrote: What a tragic loss for your family at age 13. Very hard to accept and understand. Hope you will find a way to deal with this in some optimistic way. In the meantime, our prayers are certainly with you.
    Yes I fully understand and I also condole the family; the point is, at least that is what I think, that more and more incurable diseases lurk around the corner; we all know cancer, but like this case it may be something related to our global polution and living environment which creates these new diseases. Also the overpopulation creates such, because nature likes to have balance so that every living thing gets a chance to live. Humans actually create these diseases themselves by playing around with un-natural things like chemical treated foods or whatever we spew into the air we breathe.
    I guess we should drop all our modern luxuries and get back to nature as it was supposed to be. Sure human bodies adapt to changes, but at a given moment, it can't catch up. The only solution is to reduce the world population; how ? may be wars or a plague?