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Who's Excited? All Star Game!

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    This years NBA All Star game is certainly on my watch list, and New Orleans is the city where all of these great players will throw down. This is the second year that this event has taken place here in six years (2008-2014). The past shows this will produce in the area of 50,000 visitors to attend the parties and other game-related activities. Jay Cicero (the CEO of New Orleans Sport's Foundation) said, "We really want to make a great impression on Commissioner Adam Sliver and the NBA leadership. We are poised more than ever to provide the service that the NBA is looking for and to enhance what we did in 2008." The ultimate goal is to have the All Star game in this city as many times as possible. City aside, some of my personal favorite players will be attending this year including:

    Blake Griffin: 25th player in NBA history to make the All-Star team in his first four seasons
    Chris Paul: Is an All-Star for the seventh time
    LeBron James: Back to back championships

    Just knowing that these players will be there, goes without being said, this will be a good game. Paul was welcomed with open arms, even though he and others had been prepared to get a negative welcome home from most. Paul said, "I'll never forget New Orleans. I'll never have anything bad to say about New Orleans. I wouldn't be where I am now without this city." And it seems the fans agree. With the lineup as it is, I'm really not sure how this will end.