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Money: more emphasis on the politics of money and the harm it is causing in Politics

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    I would like to see more discussion of the politics of money on Hardball. For example, the Koch Bros., who inherited billions and are merely caretakers, don't deserve as much influence as they have upon the national will and wouldn't have it without all their money and some squishy SCOTUS rulings.

    We wouldn't be worried about the Chris Christie's and Rand Paul's and Ted Cruz's, they'd be small potatoes without the green tide that floats them to office.

    I don't think enough attention is paid to what I consider a basic contradiction involving the Kochs. It goes like this.

    They are worth 30B, more or less, of which they spent 26M in the last cycle to advance an agenda that deprives ordinary Americans of basic rights, liberties and responsibilities. It's like they hate the American taxpayer, yet it is the American taxpayer who pays for the subsidies Koch Industries queue up to receive. They take advantage of all kinds of tax credits, etc., and who pays for that?

    I would like to see this banged into the American consciousness.

    Taxpayers are buying the ammunition used to shoot them. How much sense does this make? And more importantly, why don't more Americans realize it and do something about it. While we can still vote, numbers trump money... and don't get me started on Trump. :)