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Did Russia Forget They Were Hosting the Olympics?

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    The Winter Olympics are finally here! After months of protests, boycotts, counter boycotts, and political tit for tat, the time has finally come for the games to begin. The only problem is that Russia is woefully unprepared for the massive influx of tourists from throughout the world. Athletes, journalists, and tourists alike have been broadcasting the horrendous conditions that have welcomed them in Sochi.

    A multitude of pictures have been making the rounds of unpaved and decrepit roads filled with potholes and missing storm drain covers, brown tap water, missing door handles on hotel rooms, etc. The list goes on and on and begs the question how a country as proud as Russia would be so unprepared for these games that were supposed to reintroduce them to the world.

    This then begs the question if this was inevitable. Russian politics are rife with corruption and their inability to make sure the most minimal tasks of ensuring roads are paved shines a glaring light on that corruption that they desperately wish they could keep under wraps. It really begs the question of how this can possibly be one of the most expensive Olympics in history if the conditions are so appalling. Cost estimates range from 23-50 billion dollars for the games, but I'm seriously questioning where all of this money went if it wasn't invested in ensuring the drinking water is safe and putting doors on bathroom stalls for the athletes.