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Sex and the Olympics: It's Party Time in Olympic Village

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    It looks like making sure athletes are protected from terrorism and kidnappings is not the only thing that Olympic officials are concerned about. It was reported today that more than 100,000 condoms are being distributed to the 2,800 athletes participating in the Winter Olympics this year. If those were distributed evenly, that would mean that each athlete has 35 condoms at their disposal for the duration of the 16 day games. Forgive me for questioning if that is being a bit overly cautious on the Russians part.

    Make no mistake, sexually transmitted diseases are a huge problem world wide and it is no secret that many athletes party their tails off once they are done with their respective competitions. It has been widely reported for many Olympiad that this is the case and I'm sure these games are no different.

    ESPN did a wonderful piece before the 2012 games in London that broke the veil on this phenomena. It broke down how so many athletes party as hard as they train for the games and make no qualms about it. It seems as if it is almost a free for all during the games with no questions asked and none answered. It definitely brings new meaning to the term "work hard, play harder."

    While the vast majority of the reporting focuses on the few athletes who compete in a multitude of events, the vast majority of athletes are competing in one to two events. Once those are over, they are free to do whatever they want until the games are over. Once athletes that are chock full of emotion after competing in their respective events, what better thing is there to do than party till the cows come home?

    What does everyone think? Is it any surprise that these athletes are so promiscuous or should they focus on supporting their fellow team mates and country instead of partying so hard?
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    These olympic athletes train for years (and in some cases their entire lives) to compete on the big stage. Their effort culminates in a showing that lasts all of a few pivotal minutes (or sometimes even just seconds) of competition time. I say let them run wild and naked in the streets afterwards. They've earned it at that point, as long as they don't hurt anyone of course.
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    I've always felt to much of anything is bad for you. Sex, drugs work and sports are no different. Work hard, play hard, die hard - no thanks I'll take moderation!