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fracking now, dissolving the very earth next?

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    A copy of an email just sent to one of my email entourage: If you're not
    familiar with "THE WEEK", fellow Democratichubbers, grab a copy and check
    it out. It's not the ECONOMIST . . but to keep up with all the other reading
    (and writing) I found I didn't have time for such in-depth excellence. THE
    WEEK is instant-information.

    Email to "Di"":
    I'm sending a couple issues of THE WEEK, clipped open to pages of specific
    interest that we've mentioned. But you should peruse the whole magazine -- a
    comprehensive (in scope and multi-partisan) encapsulation of a week's events.
    In an hour or so, you have "the world at your neuron-tips".

    As far as fracking is concerned, I see it as analogous to subterranean clear-cut
    deforestation!! If we next discover that the very shale substance within whose
    interstices or matrices petro lies . . . . can be dissolved or dematerialized (into
    gaseousness) . . . . do we advocate turning the very substantive earth into fuel
    and profit? Bad enough we're essentially doing just that with mountain-mastectomy
    mining of coal.

    Oh, but how earth-hugging (or would I be accused by the far right of -humping) I
    sound! That, for the maudlin sake of long-range species survival I deplore the
    depletion of National Resource reserves so that we can be "energy independent"!!
    Pump it, pipe it, pour it, profit by it for it'll make many jobs (for awhile, as did all
    the other desecrations of the environment of the pathetic past productivities unto

    But in the meantime there'll be jobs. All the ll million or so on that pipeline!! "Hey,
    move over, I can't fit my wrench under your arm pit." . . .