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Bill Nye debates Ken Ham on evolution vs creationism

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    PGR, I've never seen in my life people like AMC and Eternal; I have no words left for their total ignorance related to facts. Unbelievable!!

    Things like; going with "bibles" under your arm to dig for artifacts; thinking that they write books on Mars or other planets; sperm falls from the sky; Adam could speak; snakes can speak ( from whom did they learn to speak?); the first people just dropped out of the sky and made snake burgers; etc etc. Anyway I can go on and on; tried to put some sense into their poluted brains; to no avail. Common sense is a "human" word which is likely not written in "bibles" Shaking my old head in disbelief; I guess they are more dangerous than ISIS (church fiction fanatics)

    P.S. "PGR" ........and "god" was still alive? Sure the "sun" was also a "god" at one time and it is still alive!! Also the word " alive" is a human term, which is not used in space; a human life is may be a millisecond in the universe; so it does not count. Humans have no function in space; they are insignificant; no one out there determines their lifespan or cares if humanity ends or continues; humans determine their own demise if so. We are only "evolved" animals and follow the same cycle; get born, die and try to survive in our tiny lifespan. And the cycle goes on or stops one day; I doubt if dinosaurs had bibles; they did not survive; humans may follow the same pattern; nature nor the universe cares; it just carries on.
    Also churches and bibles will end at a given time because it is a "human" creation; it will last a lot less in time than the "sun"