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Bill Nye debates Ken Ham on evolution vs creationism

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    One of the unfortunate aspects of the debate between Ken Ham and Bill Nye is that the publicity from the debate provided a fund raising boost to Ham's Ark Encounter project. The initial phase of the project is estimated to cost $73,000,000, and construction is slated to start in May of 2004. Most of the money for the project is from a municipal bond issued by the city of Williamstown, Kentucky.

    So much for "separation of church and state" !

    If you read Ham's bio, you'll notice that he is a firm believer in the "fact" that the earth is 6000 years old, even though Neanderthal bones roughly 28,000 years old have been found in the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar.

    And speaking of Neanderthals:

    I may think that Zach is a ham fisted Neanderthal, but I'm not going to use this forum to attack him personally. I've got friends who are gun owners, I've got friends that watch FOX News and listen to Rush Limbaugh, and I've got relatives who are VERY religious, but I'm not going to criticize them for their opinion.

    No one's opinion is ever wrong, since it is a product of their upbringing and the news sources that they are exposed to. I've noticed that we (collectively) sometimes forget that idea in our discussions, so let's try to stay focused on the message, rather than on the messenger.
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    I recognize that dude, Arizona. That's cousin Bubba of the Ducky Robertson clan. No bones about it.