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FDA Rules and their relationship with the Drug Companies and the Medical Profession

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    Danville, CA
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    I have a very important discovery of a drug that has proven to not only stop the progression of Alzheimers but to some degree, reverse it. I have been told there is no stopping much less reversing it but I am doing it with my wife and have all the facts including her tests proving her reversal but cannot figure out how to get this story to the producers of 60 minutes. Can someone guide me to them?
    Richard Goodrich
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    Danville CA. 94506
    Telephone: 925 736-3649
    Cell: 925 549-8025
    Thanks in advance for any help you can give
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    I appreciate what your trying to do and why, and I would suggest that you go to At the top right of the page it says, "Connect with 60 Minutes" then the icons for Facebook and Twitter. Also, you could try going to the very bottom of the page (after scrolling down) and use the "Contact Us" link.

    I would suggest however, that you do all your research on the drug that says it stops the progression of Alzheimer's. There are many drugs out there that could eliminate cancer, diabetes, and all sorts of other diseases, but the most common side effect is death from those drugs. I will agree that there is at times a political or financial reason for the FDA to deny the use of drugs, but often times they try to balance their financial/political concerns with real medicine and what the side effects are.

    Hope this helps