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Human Trafficking (including legal prostitution) dehumanizes our humanity

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    I don't believe or I hope not anyway, that anyone here on the Hub advocates for the exploitation of children sexually or any way else for that matter, however people selling themselves for profit or to pay off a debt is not unusual, at one time it was the law, IE: Debtors Prison comes to mind, there cultures around the world that not only condones this behavior but encourages it, in some cases its the only source of income for some families and it is not looked down upon by others, it's a job, nothing more /nothing less. Is there a criminal element involved, you betcha, the same as there is criminality in any number of things, politics, banking, housing, you name it, I would say 90% of taxpayers lie on their Income tax returns, my point is that you cannot eradicate criminal behavior in man.
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    I agree with you Johnny, that is why I use the example of Nevada and stress the word LEGAL when I refer to legal prostitution. With what you said it would fall under human trafficking and not be legal by UN or US standards, and thereby not be legal since it violates international law.
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    Since RanmaMOJ refuses to debate with PROOF on his view and that I have provided several resources of data is proof that he isn't interested in the TRUTH and carelessly defends a sex industry that uses children and adults by FORCE, FRAUD and COERCION.

    So, here again I provide you with ADDITIONAL sources, must I continue to do your must have had a poor education. Intellectually, you are incapable to stand on your feet.



    Now I know this implicates your precious neighbor Nevada, but maybe there's more going on than your reading the comic book. You need to get out more. Let me help you.

    1. Go to search bar on your Browser or Go direct to Google/Bing search.

    2. Enter your favorite subject. Try "Nevada Human Trafficking documentary", or "Nevada Human Trafficking".

    3. Scroll down to find your resource you want to read. You do read, don't you?

    As many of these sources, just in Nevada, indicate law enforcement is changing into attack modes into the criminality of prostitution in Nevada. There are clear indicators of victims found underage and forced into sex labor. I feel remedial training is required for RanmaMOJ.

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    So your source for linking LEGAL prostitution to human trafficking comes from two reports about a city in Nevada where prostitution is not legal... Do you not see the problem there? To be clear, your second link does not say Nevada police. It says LVMPD. Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. Again, neither of your links Now, to quote your own site (again) Sex Trafficking: The recruitment, harboring, transportation, provision, or obtaining of a person for the purpose of a commercial sex act is induced by force, fraud, or coercion, or in which the person is forced to perform such an act is under the age of 18. Your first link, from the LAS VEGAS Sun even points out that its targeted at the UNDERGROUND sex industry. The Bunny Ranch is hardly underground... Also the Las Vegas Sun points out that last year they passed laws increasing punishment for sex trafficking in Nevada and yet the Bunny Ranch and others are still open. As for me not providing proof, who was it that first posted the UNODC link? Try again AMC.
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    But you didn't look at all the various links by searching on "Nevada Human trafficking". I gave you only two, but enabling you to educate yourself on all the other sources in Nevada, which were many. Do I have to do EVERYTHING for you? Who taught you this immature act of not educating yourself? You must be of character not taking responsibility for your own actions and blaming everybody else but yourself. I'm done with you. I will continue to broadcast pertinent links as I find most interesting and current in Human Trafficking. As I see the evolution of law in this area, authorities are identifying prostitution as a viable source of using children and adults into forced sex labor. Although, Human Trafficking is not only about prostitution but many forms of labor and corruption, it's just that prostitution represents the hideous unsavory crime on children and adults.

    I bet you could search on any state in America, replacing Nevada for some state and you will find much more information. That's my last time helping you, because you refuse to use it.
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    AMC, nothing you have said proves that human trafficking and LEGAL prostitution are linked. Period. You haven't even posted a single indicator from the list that is in LEGAL prostitution. You merely point to areas where prostitution is illegal and say, "See there's proof".