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Atlanta is suffering with little snow

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    Atlanta got 2 inches of snow and the city is crippled. Thousands of cars stuck on the highway for many many hours. Home Depot and Kroger opened several stores to give stranded people a warm place to go. A CNN employee called into the station to say he left the station yesterday at 4:00 and has been on the road for 14 hours. Maybe no salt trucks being used. As someone from north of the Mason Dixon line, it's hard to understand the inability to deal with this. Alabama is said to be having big troubles as well. Ice was a factor. 1000 accidents, a women delivered her baby in her car. Kids are in schools since yesterday.
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    ..."Maybe no salt trucks being used"...

    What salt trucks would they use? They don't have any down there.

    2 inches of snow down there would be like a hurricane in Central need to prepare for something that doesn't happen very often.

    Salt trucks in Atlanta...nope. Hurricane evacuation routes in Ohio...nope.
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    They do have salt trucks and the mayor said they have been used. Reporters at CNN (in Atlanta) and others interviewed said they never saw any salt trucks. But they do in fact have them. 14 sand and salt trucks. They are rarely used though.
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    There's lots of different versions of this story.

    I heard they had sand trucks, which are basically the same thing but no salt. They use their trucks to sand bridges and overpasses, like many places use a sand/salt mix.

    Maybe we will hear two or three more different versions of this story before it runs it's course.

    Bottom Line: They do not get this weather down there often enough for them to be prepared for it. They have not got the materials nor the know-how nor the driving skills to handle something which almost never happens.

    If LA or San Diego or Honolulu were to have 2 inches of snow, they would have problems, too.