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Rep. Gohmert (R-TX) wants to tax to promote voting Republican.

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    Rep. Gohmert (R-TX) expresses a Fiscal Illusion Theory concept: broad based taxes are needed to promote citizen participation so as to provide a counterbalance to those seeking funding from the government.

    “You make more, you pay more; you make less, you pay less,” he said. “And everybody needs to have skin in the game, don’t they? Everybody does. You need to own a piece of this government so you’ll do something about it. Everybody should.”

    See the link at Mike Norman Economics Blog

    And so it goes.....

    The reality is that federal taxes regulate demand, they do not give the currency issuing federal government the funds it needs to spend.

    The tax is about creating value for the currency outside of anything else: it is the only means of extinguishing tax liabilities levied by the government.

    So then because we need the currency to pay our tax liabilities, the government can spend the currency to provision the public sector.

    Does Chuckie Cheese worry about tokens that people keep in their pockets and take home instead of putting in their machines?

    Chuckie Cheese wants $. When it sold the token it created for far less $ it got what it wanted. It doesn't need its own tokens.

    The US government issues the currency; it does not 'acquire' it thru taxes in order to spend, per se. It has to spend the currency first, before we can pay our taxes with it. So the government levies a tax on us in its own currency, so we need its currency, so the government can then spend the currency to move resources from the private sector to the public sector.

    Government deficit=non-government surplus.
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    Thanks for the post CBB. We've missed your regular insight and tutoring on fiscal and monetary policy. I looked at the Louie Gohmert link, and it just astounds me how this guy is elected to anything. It really says something about the citizens of Tyler, Texas that keep re-electing him by wide margins. Maybe someone from Tyler can enlighten me.

    Wikipedia: Louie Gohmert

    I did a quick review of his many controversial statements listed in Wikipedia and I just shake my head. From gun policies to climate change to terror babies to the Aurora shootings this guy is unreal. Although college educated, (Texas A&M and Baylor Law School) he appears to be one of the most ignorant bigoted members of Congress and we have several.
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    No, just a typical self serving "me first" Conservative, Tea Partier! Just like Rushbo, Glennbo and the rest of them he only cares about feathering his nest at everyone else's expense while cheating his constituents at every turn (and they, dumb arses that they are, loving him and it)!
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    Thanks Schmidt.

    You know, a lot of Southern slave-owning families retreated to the area in around Tyler during and after the Civil War.

    I had a friend of mine, who is black Republican, who went into a Fried Chicken restaurant in Tyler with his family from Zimbabwe and they were asked to leave, and that was in the last 10-15 years.

    Growing up in Dallas, I remember hearing about burnt crosses and klan activity in Tyler.
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    Most of us would likely be of the opinion that Louis Gohmert is one of the dumbest people in Congress (which is echoed in Schmidt's comments above), but the latest news is that he has formed a PAC called GOH conservative PAC in order to attack his fellow Republicans. Even the ultra conservative Personal Liberty Digest seems to agree that the new PAC is a bad idea:

    According to Wikipedia, Tyler is represented in the state House of Representatives (District 6) by a man named Matt Schaefner, who lives in Tyler.

    A quick review of his political positions reveals that he is just as wacky as Gohmert.

    Gohmert also lives in Tyler, and is said to represent District 1 at the Federal level.

    It's hard to explain why the residents of Tyler continue to elect politicians like Gohmert and Schaefner, but I suspect that it has a lot to do with religion. Tyler is officially home to "many churches", but it's also interesting to note that two of them were destroyed by arson in 2010

    Tyler is the home of many churches, including five large congregations in downtown, the Marvin United Methodist Church, Dayspring United Methodist Church, West Erwin Church of Christ, First Baptist Church, and the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. Tyler is also the seat of Catholic Diocese of Tyler, which is particularly noteworthy for its St. Joseph the Worker Parish, one of the few churches in America dedicated to the exclusive use of the Traditional Latin Mass. The parish is staffed by the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter. The city's largest church, Green Acres Baptist Church, is located on Troup Highway in southeast Tyler. Tyler is also home to two reformed Baptist churches, Sylvania Church and Living Acts Church, both of which are located in the south Tyler area. Additionally, Tyler has two Jewish houses of prayer, Ahavath Achim, which associates itself with Conservative Judaism and Beth El which adheres to Reform Judaism.[25] Tyler is also home to East Texas Islamic Society, established in 1988, which includes an Islamic house of worship and an Islamic school for children.[26] There is also a Unitarian, Universalist Fellowship on Old Omen Road.

    Two Tyler churches were destroyed during the 2010 East Texas church burnings.

    Gohmert has served as a deacon at the Green Acres Baptist church, and he still teaches Sunday school there.

    Schaefner also attends Green Acres, where he met his wife. In 2008, he presented his pastor, David Dykes, as the "Pastor of the Day" at the United States House of Representatives.

    Dykes is the pastor of one of the largest Baptist churches in the country. Green Acres has a total of 15,000 members, and attendance on a typical Sunday averages around 6000 people. So far, he has published 10 books, and he trains church leaders in the United States and around the world on "biblical principles of leadership".

    To no one's surprise, he is also a fan of Mitt Romney.

    At the national level, the Republican Party is in serious trouble, since they continue to lose support from ethnic minorities, women, gays, and young people. During the 2012 election:

    Obama got 93% of the black vote, and Romney got 6%
    Women favored Obama over Romney by an 11 point margin
    Hispanics favored Obama over Romney 71% to 21%
    Obama got 73% of the Asian vote
    60% of the voters under 30 voted for Obama

    Romney, of course, scored big with older white men, but there just aren't enough of those old farts left to help the Republicans at the national level.

    Because there are still a lot of people like Pastor Dykes, Republicans will continue to win in local elections, which will will continue to ensure that the United States Congress will be dysfunctional for a while. At the national level, though, crazy people like Louis Gohmert will virtually guarantee that the President of the United States will be a Democrat for years to come.
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    Thanks Arizona for the links. I see that Gohmert has a SuperPac to raise funds against fellow Republicans in a primary. In Tyler Texas there is no worry about beating a Democrat in a general election. Here's what Louie Gohmert is running on:

    Re-establish National Security and Defense Standards America’s national security and national defense apparatus has been seriously compromised, at home and abroad, by crippling political correctness and partisan agendas that must be ended at once.

    Balance the Budget Congress must cut spending. Zero Base-Line Budgets and No Debt Ceiling Raises are a good start. GOH PAC supports cutting spending, passage of a constitutional amendment to balance the federal budget, without raising taxes.

    Repeal Obamacare The Obamacare health care takeover is set to destroy American medicine and bankrupt our country. It must be repealed.

    Secure the Borders A nation that cannot control its borders is out of control. GOH PAC opposes all forms of amnesty for illegal immigration, just as we fully embrace new Americans who adopt citizenship of our nation legally.

    Defend the 1st, 2nd and 10th Amendments These Amendments fundamentally protect our liberty, and are under relentless assault by Washington.

    Stop Corporate Welfare and Bailouts Preferential corporate treatment and fiscal bailouts force taxpayers to reward failure and punish success. They destroy fair market competition that is the lifeblood of our free enterprise system.

    Protect Human Life Human life is an unalienable right from God, infinitely precious, the protection of which is guaranteed to all persons in principle, according to our Declaration of Independence and Constitution — from conception to natural death. On this there must be no compromise.


    Louie Gohmert's stands on these issues are about as far right as you can get. It's consistent with the Tea Party and Christian Right agenda, but wow, every time I see this stuff in writing it blows my mind. This is where I revert to writings by psychologists and neuroscientists because Gohmert's brain is sure wired differently than mine.
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    Time for my 2 cents on this... I agree with some of what he says, but not all. (Hell some I think he's just loony on) Lets take them one by one...

    Re-establish National Security and Defense Standards That on I can get behind. I'm sorry, but soldiers (I'm using soldiers as a general term for all military service men and women) are not politically correct. You can't fight a war and be politically correct. Also if US Soldiers are in harms way they don't need to constantly hear about the partisan fighting about what they are doing. It damages morale and gets US Soldiers killed.

    Balance the Budget A good idea, and cutting the spending would help, but the problem we run into is what do we cut the spending from? Personally I'm a fan of the 25% sales tax that was proposed several years ago. (Not sure on the exact percentage) That proposal would eliminate paying taxes out of your pay check, when you Will stuff to your children, and such. It would truly make it a case where if you earn more money you pay more in taxes. The more you earn the more you buy the more taxes you pay.

    Repeal Obamacare I'll hold off on this one. I don't agree with the ACA because I view it as a tax and that it forces people to buy something some of them can't afford. I say give it time, let it play out some and see what happens with it. Time will tell if it works or not.

    Secure the Border 100% agree we need to do this and I am against amnesty. Come here legally or don't come at all. There are already exceptions for refugees and such.

    Defend the 1st, 2nd, and 10th Amendments Yes and no. There should be limits on free speech (Like with the Conrad the Constitution filth posted on Youtube). No one should be forced to believe in a religion. At the same time students shouldn't be restricted from practicing their religion even at school. (When I was a Wiccan and attending Pikes Peak Community College I was given an assignment in speech class to give a 5 minute informative speech. I wanted to give it on Wicca, but I was told that I couldn't because it violated the separation of Church and State) Teachers should also teach alternative views to evolutionism, as long as each view is given the same time and respect. With the 2nd Amendment, I can understand limiting gun ownership some, if you've proved you can't handle it, but to make it blanket that any felon (even those with non-violent offences) cannot own a gun to me is in violation of the 2nd Amendment. With the 10th Amendment, I can agree for no other reason than to simplify things. There are times state laws and federal law contradict (Recreational Marijuana in Colorado for example) The constitution does not give the United States government the authority to regulate drugs so it should fall under state.

    Stop Corporate Welfare and Bailouts Gohmert needs to get a clue with this one. The only thing that stopped us from going into a 2nd Great Depression was the corporate welfare and bailouts given under Bush (an action not popular with the democrats at the time) and Obama (not popular by the republicans when he did it) were the main thing keeping this country's head above water. If the government had given corporations bailouts after World War 1 we might not have gone into the Great Depression.

    Protect Human Life Where the hell does he get this? First off it says 'by their Creator' meaning whatever they think created them (be it God, gods/goddesses, evolution, whatever) Second, no where in the Constitution or Declaration of Independence does it say when life begins, nor does it say natural death. Does this statement mean he is opposed to the death penalty? to war? if so, that's not very Republican of him.