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Net Nuetrality

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    Did it pass?
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    More like the Appellate court threw it out last week! Another blow for the consumer, as usual!
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    Scary thought, not having net neutrality. Sounds to me like the beginning of the end for the internet that we all have come to know. I have heard that many in the tech industry say net neutrality has never really existed from jump street; service providers have always slighted the numbers and power allowance to higher trafficked sites. Well, while that is most likely true, a little bit of engineering is a good, sensible thing. It's another thing entirely to create a full-blown "express lane" for top sites. That leads the way to a lowest common denominator internet mainstay, making a vast majority of smaller sites much harder and more cumbersome to gain access to. That sounds like straight-up censorship, even if its an inadvertent side effect of money hungry cable-internet providers, it would lead to mass internet censorship nonetheless. That would suck. No way some big cable company could ever convince me that it would not.

    From what it sounds like, in the future, if this ruling stands and providers run crazy with it, the internet will come at a premium if you want the access we all currently enjoy today. But, it's not a foregone conclusion, just yet. There will be more rulings and more conversations over this issue. For now, its just wait and see.