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New thread, Same Story...Gun Control....What now?

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    Not so sure how awesome this post is, but it is fair. However, mankind's character on the use of guns, organizations as such NRA promoting guns, and a criminal element that demands guns, allows humanity to make ill-formed decisions on the use, carry and legality in guns. It is so promising humans desire evolution to something better that what is currently a stewpot of lunatics and crazy people. Why America need more guns is a question that begs for an answer from intelligent responses. We all talk of our constitutional right to bear arms, but forget the reason behind the creation of that right. We forget that improving mankind's destiny in the future will not allow guns. I predict that guns will be a non-issue nor will guns be available as human beings evolve. We have some time to travel down the road as human beings evolve from a Neanderthal to a being less desired for handling a weapon or a gun. So, how many people, children, women, aged people will be killed by gun violence? Society will accept any number because their is no maximum that will force people to cry shame. This world continues to be greedy, selfish and evil with guns in hand while peaceful caring people watch while other people get murdered and maimed by the use of guns. Organizations like the NRA care not for the peaceful use of guns, those killed by gun violence or for the numbers of guns they promote distributed within society. These organizations only care about one thing...........MONEY. As the Holy scriptures indicate, "Money is the root of all evil". Until people start marching and demanding policy changes in gun ownership and the use of guns in society, we as a people are just treading sewage waters below our noses. It stinks as I read individual responses on this subject. Just too much advocacy for guns, it stinks.

    Strict Gun Control is our future, our destiny and our humanitarian evolution to a greater society. Support strict gun control and mental health initiatives!

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    How many indeed, but not as much as Drunk Drivers or otherwise impaired drivers, Hammers, Knives, and other assorted work tools, not to be outdone by various other means of suicide without the use of a gun, then of course there is the intentional death by someone deciding to smoke, no the answer does not lie with stricter gun laws, but maybe better enforcement of the current laws might be a better idea although you are correct in stating having better mental health initiatives would be a good start in solving some of these violent issues.
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    There are far too many people who care WAY too much about guns... How about this. Instead of restricting longer magazines or automatic weapons (Which WILL NOT do anything except make gun haters feel as if they have won a prize or something), how about we take every person in America who has ever shown any kind of aggression towards anything, and lock them up (sarcasm of course). This topic as it stands today is ridiculous. I can make a weapon out of anything in my house and hurt someone. However, it is up to ME not to do that. Has everyone forgotten this? I carry a 9mm pistol, and keep a 12g shotgun at the house. I believe I am a good citizen, and help everyone I can without question. Now, If I went out and purchased a AR15 because I enjoy the aesthetics of the weapon, and because well, I can. Does that make me a harmful person? Another question for that matter is, do I get more and more dangerous the longer my magazine is? The answer is, NO I do not. I can run my truck into the doors of a super mall and hurt alot of people, but I choose not too. My point is, it makes no difference if the person has a bazooka, 9mm, AR15, grenade, one clip, 20 clips, 168 clips... It's the person.
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    Current social practices make it way to easy for a person to have gun and instruct how to use it. A child growing up today receives introductory training on the "kill" shot from crazy parents showing how to fire an AR-15 or a 9mm or whatever. They teach the child how to fire at targets that may even have a picture of the President. If the child doesn't have the opportunity to fire the "real" thing, they can have the second best, a video game. So, from the initial forming a years for a child, they are taught how to point, sight and pull-the-trigger. So, where's the lesson's on humanity? In large, humanity is nothing but a short course in school and or church. Than after learning something about humanity, it's a quick trip back to the video game and/or more chances to fire Dad's SKS. This child scenario goes on everyday and soon we have a little "Rambo" desiring to take out the kids/people he doesn't like. Shoot them like the video game says. Shoot them like what Dad says to do, it's them or you, kill them quick.

    I realize this is raw, but you have to admit, it's not far from the truth. You are incredibly correct that it's people that's the cause. So, is your answer more guns to tame the people? You have to be joking to accept that. The NRA is in business with gun manufacturing and by opposing any gun restriction helps promote business for more guns. One of you wrote on having several guns and that you enjoy or have pleasure in shooting them and you do not want to go out and shoot anybody. I can't believe that for one bit, because one thing that the mind does for fantasy is model a situation that you are aiming at somebody for you to just think your shooting a person. No, it's not the person that's alone in this mad behavior, because it is the chosen opportunity to "SHOOT". What is being shot may be an accident, intentional, premeditated, angry mood, or a mentally uncontrolled act of murder. It's all the same, someone got shot, everybody cries, people want retaliation (more shooting), but the gun, it's just cold steel and unfeeling of any wrong doing. We can't prosecute the gun, but we can the person that fired it. People don't need guns and society needs less guns.

    It's easy to point, sight and shoot, but there is more skill to take a hammer, knife and a rock to do the same. The gun just makes it too easy and you can kill from a great distance without being near the victim. I don't agree on the rebuttals on using other tools or items to kill a person making comparison to a gun. It's a gun we are talking about, plain and simple that makes killing too easy.

    Support strict Gun Control and mental health initiatives!

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    Tell that to the stabbing victims in China.
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    If he had a gun with a massive clip of ammo, he would a done a lot worse.
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    AmcmurryFreedom Wrote: If he had a gun with a massive clip of ammo, he would a done a lot worse.

    It wasn't a "he" but a group of about 10 individuals who went on a rampage stabbing close to 30 people at some type of railway depot, several died, now if one of those victims had a handgun , it's without a doubt the carnage would still have occurred but in all probability a lot less would have been stabbed.
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    Which makes my point even better, if "they" all had guns with massive clips of ammo, many, many would have died or been injured.

    Today's Kansas City Star, front page reporting from the Associated Press, "Facebook fights illegal gun sales". What a great morning it is to read this. I also understand from the report that Google Plus and Craigslist prohibits all gun sales, legal or illegal. Accordingly, the report indicates Facebook is deleting all posts from users seeking to buy or sell weapons illegally or withhold a background check. Apparently, Facebook users have been using this marketplace to evade the law and put guns into the hands of felons, children, domestic abusers and mentally ill. Gun Control advocates report Facebook is a significant marketplace for promoting guns for sell or purchase. Hooray, for those that stand up against the gun barons and do their own kind of gun control, even when America is too scared to go up against the NRA. This act of courage to stand up makes me proud that their are people willing to place their bottom-line (business) for the sake of humanity and make Gun Control their cause.

    .and theirs more this morning! In the Editorial section a letter was provided to the KC Star making reference to a Opinion Commentary on March 3. "In U.S., guns have more value than children," was repeated from the Commentary and is a startling reminder that Americans must continue to work against gun violence. The Commentary reported that the number of children and teens killed by guns in 2010 was nearly 5 times the number of soldiers killed in action that year in Iraq and Afghanistan. I pulled the past March 3 paper out and read the Commentary by Lewis Diuguid. As a young reporter Mr. Diuguid indicated he owes his journalism career to guns, because he covered the stories of many killed, which victims and perpetrators all suffered because of the use of a gun. Mr. Diuguid states that an often used, but empty phrase, "Children are our future", but illustrates that because of the second amendment guns have a more important place in America than children and that all of America should stand up to Congress and say, "Enough......protect children, not guns NOW!". That's wow factor plus some for Mr. Diuguid.

    Additionally the editorial letter that got me reading the Commentary went on to advertise "Grandmothers Against Gun Violence". This group advocates 3 goals: universal background checks (including mental health), gun trafficking a Federal crime, and restricting the size of magazine clips. We need more Grandmothers to stand up for this, we need the Grandfathers to promote this and we need all parents to place more value on their children than a prized possession of a firearm.

    Support Strict Gun Control and Mental Health initiatives............and place more value on Children than on guns!
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    Now your just being silly by simply stating that IF they all had guns instead of knives etc, so using your logic if everyone was armed there would not have been any killings, sounds silly doesn't it.
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    Johnnycee, I do not understand your thinking. I see your response like Limbaugh theatrics and a Fox News Spin. Your trying to spin things to diminish the plain and simple. I don't play that game and will never indulge in your antics of spin.

    I place children above any notion of guns. I support strict gun control and mental health initiatives. I advocate for citizens against gun violence and to think that having guns in that China knife attack would make it better? Come on who are you fooling? In no way was I writing this. Either your eyes are bad or your brain is interpreting only what you want to read. I'm sorry, but don't play that game........period! Are you turning into a Fox News junkie?
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    Welcome to the forum. Unlike many first time visitors to this site, your comments are well written, and supported by proper documentation.

    I clicked on the link you listed for nationmaster, but it led to a dead end. However, by typing "nationmaster" and slightly different wording into Google, I WAS able to view some of the information on the site, and here's where it gets tricky.

    If you type in murder rates per capita, the United States does not even appear on the list:

    However, if you go to another source (which I always recommend) you'll get a different picture:

    On this list, the murder rate for the United States would be 36 per 1,000,000 population, which would put us just below Romania, and #11 on the list of the top 37 countries. If you looked up alcohol consumption per capita, you'll notice some disturbing parallels. You'll find a match in 7 of the top 13 spots on each list.

    You'll also find that same murder rate on the official FBI website:

    The nice thing about the Wikipedia article is that you can sort from highest to lowest in more than one category. When you do that, you'll notice that the United States has the third highest suicide rate (by firearms) in the entire world. We also have the highest murder rate (by firearms) than every single country in Europe. The list also helps to explain why you may want to put off that vacation in South America for a very long time. We also happen to be fairly high on the "unintentional shooting" list, and the video below helps to explain why:

    Guns are one of those topics that always seem to attract a lot of attention. Since amcmurry added the most recent thread on 1/25, there have been 53 comments added so far, and 857 "page views". If you went to Amazon to find a book about "guns", you'd get almost 700,000 hits. "Gun rights" will give you over 100,000 and "gun control" will take you to over 30,000.

    My "book report" on one of the "gun rights" books is posted below:

    In addition to Guns Save Lives, both Gun Owners of America and the NRA have Facebook pages. Fortunately, Facebook finally woke up to reality, and recently banned gun sale ads from its website.

    I agree with your closing comments (posted below) but "calm discussions" are a scarce commodity these days. At the Federal level, we are going to be limited to executive orders for now. At the local level, I'll continue to write letters to the Arizona legislature , and eventually I'll force some changes through here. Arizona, by the way, has the worst gun laws in the country. If you're curious how your state stacks up, just click on the link below:

    We need to have a long serious discussion about this issue to reduce the crime rate and prevent gun violence. Instead of blaming other people who have opposing ideas, maybe it would make more sense to have a calm discussion about what can be done to save lives and reduce crime.
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    My thinking is quite clear, more restrictive gun laws has not nor will not reduce violence significantly , by punishing a 10 year old boy for pointing a finger is ridiculous, what if it was a stabbing motion such as a poke, would he be punished for that also, your current line of thinking is more of a wish we could all get along theory, so if we outlaw violence altogether then ergo we will be free of violent crimes, oh, my bad , we do have laws that already cover those instances, so rather then plea for better enforcement of current laws , you want to make more laws that will do absolutely nothing to curtail the epidemic of violence that now pervades our cities and towns. so other than "mandatory training sessions" to ensure responsibility, what have you got? We already covered the Mental Health issues and if Hippa does not allow for background checks, then the issue is moot.
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    Tonight on the local news, I learned something that I have always taken for granted. Is concealed or open carry of guns allowed in taverns or while consuming alcohol? Apparently, in most states there is no law against it. I'm astonished. Today in Kansas city, a municipal ordinance was created to prohibit this act of carrying weapons in bars or any establishment that serves alcohol and strictly forbids the consumption of alcohol while carrying a weapon. This ordinance alters the Missouri State Law allowing people to carry in these establishments and consume alcohol. The City can have a law that can be different from the state. I understand the NRA is having a hissy fit over this and appeal is in the works.

    Does it make since to mix alcohol with carrying a gun? Really! This is a good day for strict gun control advocates. Little by little gun control restrictions will continue to chip away at the lunacy of the NRA and people who like to carry their guns in public.

    This is a good day. Support strict Gun Control and mental Health initiatives and save our children!
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    There have been studies done that reflect that those States who have an open carry policy have less gun violence, there are 28 States have that policy while 13 more require a license to carry, it was likened to the adage that a robber won't rob a restaurant if he see a cop eating there. You must take into account that a majority of these violent gun crimes occurred mostly in the urban areas, the inner city if you will, again stricter gun laws won't help here as the very nature of criminals is to NOT obey laws, stricter enforcement of current laws would be more beneficial than any new law.
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    But alcohol and guns?????? Sounds like a toxic mixture begging for something bad to happen. Where's the mind while having several drinks and some encounter occurs and the gun is drawn. Does this person that has had several drinks still have a capacity to refrain from shooting his weapon indiscriminately? If you can't drink and drive, you shouldn't carry a firearm when consuming alcohol. This is not rocket science, it's common sense.