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Will the Republican Party divide help Democrats?

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    An AlterNet article by C.J. Werleman caught my attention this morning:

    C.J. Werleman, AlterNet, January 20, 2014: Republican Insiders Fret That Right-Wing Crazies Will Upset GOP's Election Chances

    Werelman discusses the current divide in the Republican Party and how it might affect the 2014 elections. He discusses the difficulties of the establishment wing of plutocrats trying to rein in what he terms as the "crazies"... neo-confederates, white supremacists, know-nothing libertarians, and evangelical theocrats.

    Having read numerous other articles on this subject, there is a common recognition of the divide in the Republican Party problem, but there are differences in how political analysts slice and dice the various factions. Democracy Corps, for example, divides the Party into four main groups:

    Tea Party
    Christian Evangelicals

    Democracy Corps: July 23, 2013: Putting the Spotlight on the Republican Party

    A 41 page of detail and graphics can be found in this link: Democracy Corps, Republican Party Project, July 23, 2013

    Finally, Democracy Corps, also conducted focus group meetings in three Republican cities across America, and those findings can be found in this link: Democracy Corps, Inside The GOP: Report on Focus Groups, October 3, 2013.

    I have generally considered the Evangelicals as a part of the Tea Party, but purists consider the Tea Party to be more associated with fiscal matters while the Evangelicals are the true social conservatives.

    I am providing these links for those that are interested in this topic, but from reading the various focus group comments by self described members of these groups it is readily apparent that that they don't like each other and don't trust each other. The only common issue that unites them is their hatred of both President Obama and his signature accomplishment, ObamaCare.

    There are other entities whose agendas that cut across these groups...the John Birch Society for one, but I not attempted to fit them into the Democracy Corps factions.

    The question is: will these various factions unite for 2014 and take back the Senate while retaining the House? Or will they lose many of the independent voters to the Democrats, with the Dems taking control of both houses?

    Just some thinking out loud, but I do encourage you, if you have the time, to browse some of the links above, especially the Democracy Corps graphic presentation.