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Ariel Sharon Dead at 85

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    Ariel Sharon, the former Prime Minister of Israel that has been in a coma for the past six years, has died at the age of 85. Sharon rose to power throughout the 1990's and eventually became Prime Minister in 2001. He was a fierce advocate of expanding Israel and spreading the idea of Zionism to the rest of the world. Many revered him as a true hero to the Israel people while just as many despised him for his ruthless treatment of the Palestinian people.

    While his legacy will be debated for the years and decades to come, it is impossible to downplay the out sized role he played in Israel politics throughout the decades of her existence. From being a commander throughout multiple wars to overseeing a massacre of thousands of Palestinian civilians as Defense Minister during the 1982 Lebanon War, Sharon proved time and again that he would stop at nothing to, in his view, protect Israel. He carried that mantra with him as he took over as Prime Minister, but also seemed to moderate a bit towards the end of his tenure when he resigned from the hard right Likud Government and formed a new political party, Kadima.

    I have a wide range of views regarding Sharon and what his role in the history books should be, but I'm interested in hearing what everyone else thinks. Was he a savior of the Israel people that would stop at nothing to protect his country? Or did he institute policies that made it nearly impossible to ever come to a peace deal with the Palestinian people?