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Virginia Democrats Come out of the Wilderness: McAuliffe Sworn in as Governor

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    Virginia is blue again! Terry McAuliffe was sworn in today, wresting control from Republicans after a landslide election. McAuliffe appealed for bipartisanship throughout his inaugural address and has seemed to back up those words with picking what both sides consider a moderate cabinet. While Republicans were hammered in the recent election, they still hold a majority in the State House and can stifle McAuliffe's agenda at their will. Because of that, it is not surprising that he is wading cautiously into his new role.

    Most everyone predicts gridlock in Virginia for the near future, if not longer, but there is room to be cautiously optimistic about McAuliffe's term. Multiple Republicans reported they are rather surprised with the positive tone of McAuliffe's inaugural address, most of his cabinet picks, and his willingness to speak with them.

    What do you think of Governor McAuliffe's strategy? Is this the appropriate angle to take or should he have come out swinging and challenge the Republicans to a fight over the direction of Virginia?