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Paegan Rituals - Holiday

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    Happy New year to everyone. I hope all have a happy, healthy, and rewarding year.

    Holidays in my family come with some unusual gestures. At Christmas, we always put a
    coconut (from the produce dept.) under the Christmas tree. Not sure why. It as something that was initiated by my
    grandfather many, many years ago. Maybe because many years ago fruits and nuts were something special.

    New years eve has a couple of rituals also. We put money (loose change) in every window sill. This is supposed to suggest
    that money will come into your household in the coming year. We also put into a box, the things that you want in your lives
    in the coming year. This is clothing from each family member, food, money, and in my case a lucky charm (not cereal). And a couple of
    treats for the dog.
    is said to bring into your household these types of items in the coming year. The box is put onto the back porch before midnight
    and stays there until the next morning.

    Crazy, sure - I guess.
    Does anyone else have any rituals that they do for any reason ? Just curious.

    Football today - YEAH !!!!!!

    On New years day: Pork and cabbage (ribs and sauerkraut)

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    your family has some customs that I've never heard of before, but seem to be worth trying ..

    all of our window sills now have loose change on them, and my piggy bank is sitting in a box on the back porch ...

    I couldn't find any links about the coconut under the Christmas tree, but I DID find a video titled "crazy Christmas tree chronicles" involving a Christmas tree that has FIFTY COCONUTS attached to the outside of the tree:

    I also found a recipe for making Christmas trees almost entirely from coconut