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Minimum wages & women's wages (suppressed for decades) & kept low by GOP

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    Nearly 40 yrs ago, my aunt wrote a term paper at her college, telling how "women make much lower salaries than men" with a similar type of experience or education level. It was clear & obvious that women were being discriminated against & suppressed. Why? Was it the good old "boys" network? Was it because they thought women would be unreliable, as they might be leaving due to pregnancy? Was it because women may be too emotional, & take to crying at the sight of plummeting stock prices? ALL of the ABOVE. But I learned a few more in my own jobs. In some cases, the guys could not tell offensive cheap sex jokes with women around. They could not sneak a beer or highball into the office with women around. And women were "too honest" if they noticed some financial "irregularities" going on. So it was better (all around) if they could keep it all under wraps. Just among the "boys" -- you know. Then there was this scenario. A (married) boss went up to my aunt's apartment one night with a jug of wine, (totally UN-invited) & tried to seduce her. She was totally shocked, as she had never hardly spoken to him, & had no idea of his intentions. Which meant she had to not insult him, but to be polite & gradually edge him out the door. Not easy with a corpulent half-drunk man, who is your boss.
    Within 3 days, he fired her. (Right before Christmas). What a JOLLY old fellow. It devastated my aunt, she was working for very low pay, & was only clearing about $1.50 per hour --- $12 a day --- $60 a week --- under $280 per month (working a full 40 hr week, 5 days per week). near 1970. It was hard, having to take a bus everywhere, & half-starve herself. So she had just about HAD ENOUGH. She was trying to save up money to go to college, & it appeared it would take forever. If she would ever live that long. (This was the legal "minimum wage" of the day -- in 1970). So she told the unemployment office that he had also falsified some figures so she would not get her full unemployment benefits. She proved it, of course, with all the paperwork. This got her $100 to get through the holidays. Then she unleashed how he violated his GSA contract, had a total firetrap in his office & workspace, some trademark & corporate logo violations, & was doing a crooked smuggling operation across the Canadian border. I hate to say it, but she actually enjoyed "putting him out of business." (Girls --- Heed This --- Do NOT get mad --- GET EVEN). At some point in your career, you will encounter some very evil men, & they will be your boss. MOST of them will be Republicans. As such, they will be doing a whole variety of bad things. Keep an indexed file of their misdeeds. So you can PROVE everything in court. And if they try to screw you, you can put them out of business. I mean to say, of course, if they try to fire you unjustly, or mistreat you, or underpay you, or a whole plethora of corporate crimes, you will be much better able to take action to protect yourself. If at all possible, try to work for a DEMOCRAT. They are much nicer bosses in all ways.

    As I started this article, I was saying that 40 yrs ago, women were being paid much LESS than men, with equal education & experience. And HERE we are, in the new Millennium, and Women are STILL getting paid much less than men. WHY? Corporate America is richer than ever before, they are doing much more business, & the Stock Market is much higher. They are paying such a paltry wage to people in certain jobs (like burger chefs & fast food places), that those employees literally can't afford to live. That is for a SINGLE person. What happens when they have THREE KIDS to feed & clothe & educate?
    And on TOP of that, feeding a family of FIVE on minimum wage of $7.25 per hour --- would be bad ENOUGH -- but some of these places will only give their employees a 30-hour work-week. (Which basically cuts their weekly pay by 25%). These people have to go to church pantries, some welfare agencies that donate food & clothing, & beg or borrow from their neighbors & friends. WHILE THEY ARE WORKING. Good God, this is AMERICA, --- and while the wealthy 1% are eating lobster & caviar, sunbathing on the Riviera, & jetting around the Best Wineries in the world, to get drunk & get a better suntan, there are families who are going hungry. NOT BECAUSE THEY ARE LAZY, or unwilling to work, but because the system is designed to CHEAT the "working class" & to OVER-indulge the "lazy" CORPORATE CLASS. This is in actuality CLASS WARFARE.

    If I only had two minutes to forge a solution, I would say the ANSWER is a GENERAL STRIKE. Why? Because the arrogant Ruling Class will not listen to REASON, & they have NO CONSCIENCE at ALL. So the only way to get them to pay attention is to HIT THEM IN THE WALLET. NONE of them will ever starve or suffer at all, unless their BUSINESS FAILS. And then they will just move to Europe or something. But will the BOSSES ever be doing the work? Hell NO. Will you ever see Don the Trumpster washing dishes? The most work CEO's have probably done is talking on the phone. If ALL THE WORKERS went on STRIKE, the whole business world would FALL TO ASHES. The Stock Market would fall, & then the Economy would rocket downhill. Unfortunately, that would make the situation even WORSE for the workers. NO JOBS would be available as a result. Is there NO WAY to fix the problem then? Maybe they leave us no choice. As Sarah Palin said: "she wants a revolution."