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Honesty in Sin City

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    A cab driver in Las Vegas found a brown paper bag in the back seat of his cab. A doorman at a hotel guessed that it contained chocolates. When
    the driver ultimately checked he found that it contained 300,000.00 in cash. He turned it in to his employer who did a search for the owner. It
    turned out to be the winnings of a very successful poker player. The cab driver was given a certificate for a steak dinner at a
    very nice restaurant and he was named the employee of the year and received a check for 1,000.00. The poker player frantically looked for the cash and was given it back. It's nice to see someone be honest.
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    There's lots of honest people who good things every day, but no one ever hears about it This only made the news because of the large sum of money involved. Good news is not normally considered worthy of media attention. Bad news is what makes the ratings.

    Good for this cab driver, and good for those who recognized and rewarded him.