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Chuck Norris needs to stick to acting and martial arts

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    The heavily memed personality Chuck Norris is an interesting character. He's a world renowned martial arts master. He's also a movie and TV star, clocking an impressive 30 plus years in the business. He is known best as an actor for a laundry list of cheesy (but entertaining) fighting movies. But, mostly his claim to fame came with his lead role in the TV series: 'Walker: Texas Ranger'.

    Then the internet came along and someone decided to turn Chuck Norris' notoriety of being a badass martial artist/stunt guy into a slew of jokes, dubbing them 'Chuck Norris Facts'. Here's one of millions you may have heard: "When Chuck Norris does a pushup, he isn't lifting himself up, he's pushing the Earth down." ...he was the original 'Most Interesting Man in the World'. What made it funnier was that he is real. The jokes started in the early 2000's and they are still going strong to this day. Someone even wrote a book featuring the top 400 jokes they've heard.

    What makes Chuck Norris worthy of this forum post is that he has been using his celebrity to voice and bring attention to his religious and political beliefs. He has been very outspoken about what it means to be a "good Christian" and even louder about his conservative views. He came out strong against Obama in both elections, warning all of us and the world that Obama winning could very well spell the beginning of the end for America.

    He also helped Mike Huckabee's campaign out, appearing in an ad where Huckabee told 'Chuck Norris Facts' while Norris told actual campaign talking points about Huckabee. It was silly and ultimately not effective. But, it shows that conservatives are cool with Norris. And, they have zero problems using his internet-memed celebrity to push any given conservative agenda. Reminds me of Ted Nugent. Both Nugent and Norris have made multiple appearances on multiple Fox News shows throughout the last few years. And, I have the same message to Nugent that I have to Norris: stick to entertainment. You are not qualified nor intelligent enough to have people taking your political views seriously.