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final Xmas inspiration

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    Last week's contribution to Xmas linguistic festivity surely revealed a significant intelligence
    as well as verbosity of its author. But ,. . . . despite its sesquipedelian success, I found the
    piece to be simplistic. Just a bunch of words. In my finale for the season just below, I present
    linguistic (not just vocabularistic) complexity -- and some other facets of scientific systematics
    for the reader's edification.


    Having established terminologically, so to speak, a "generic" (or "open-context") substantive neural-network activation (see #1 below) . . . . this same complex interfaced with both temporality and implied status situationality by means of the fusion of trigger-factor-ciphers configured via leading (vowel) phonemic deletion . . and "conjunctive" (apostrophe) insertion . . (2 below) . . whereby linguistic duality, yet specificity, (pronoun-verb, almost in an article-noun bi-format) and their subtending neural domain foci become a conceptual unity of "process-abbreviation" through "premise-particularity" (the preponderant brain function of the temporal [time/temporal] dynamic having been "enhanced", as it were, by the generic referent-fractionation (3) . . . . and here, also consider a subtle inverse gerund idiom-essence . . . . .
    Hereby, so far, the spacio-temporal-experiential delineation of a particular (4) segment of hypo-lumenal diurnal periodicity established (5) a further routing of both precedence attending all the aforesaid (6) as well as, obversely, an existential sequence-secondarty of the recurrent incident locus of overall sidereal cyclicity (that which, yearly, follows the night before it) are rendered linguistically manifest.
    Further salient factors are celestial – the alleged observation of unitary traversation and brilliance augmentation thereof (7); . . assemblage, in part due to "stellar-tropic effect" by the above, of diverse organisms excluding the preponderance of lower phylogenetic strata but inclusive of the "highest" specie representation according to both Biblical and Darwinian sequenciation (notwithstanding considerable antithetical theorizations of causal-instancy as opposed to Lyellian sequenciation) (8) . . . . .the latter, (homo sapiens) comprised of variegated socioeconomic and occupational status (9); and all noted organisms assembled within an outbuilding of a lodging facility either fully booked as according to legend (10) . . . or denying transaction (for the only card they left home with) by the focal personages of the gathering: . . .one male neonate, one maternal primaparturate, and one adult male of (or not) inceptive and conceptive procedural and genetic paternity.
    The aforenoted in toto (though not exclusive of possible addenda by others comprising multitudinous and differential considerations) should stasnd somewhat significantly as indagation and explanation and neuro-linguistic systematological presentation of that stated period within the celebratory matrix and interstitial causal/responsive programming of ideation and implementation thereof unto behavior and ceremony and commercial and aggrandizemental adjuncts thereto . . . . belief, legend, Rudolph, celebration, consumophrenia (11)

    (1) "it" (7) the star of Bethlehem

    (2) " – 't" (8) mammals, quad & bipedal

    (3) 't + WAS = " 'twas" (9) Kings, wise men, etc.

    (4) "the" (10) the inn/stable

    (5) "night"

    (6) "before" (11) CHRISTMAS