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Medicaid and Medicare

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    The Need for Medicaid and Medicare

    It is easy to see that poorer Americans need a Medicaid subsidy. It is not just an issue of facts and figures, but of compassion. Medicaid and Medicare have for too long been seen as a source of fraud. Nothing could be further from the truth. Meanwhile individuals without insurance or sufficient insurance slip through the cracks on a daily basis, bludgeoning our economy and forcing bankruptcy when money could be spent to fuel the economy. Most Medicaid recipients are a little embarrassed to be on the program, and those who are not and need the subsidy should consider it as no more than a government program to provide others with basic dignity. I am a Medicaid and Medicare recipient who has tried repeated to pay a higher rate than the going Medicaid maximum in an effort to give a little back. The Governor of Iowa has tried to make a similar program mandatory, and he should be ashamed. Everybody deserves free medical care and the fact that we don’t have a single payer system shows the lack of medical development in our country. Knowing our neighboring state is pushing for such measures turns me off to the whole idea. The very people who complain about fraud are creating it by incurring the anger of recipients. I have had a CPAP machine that I deemed unescessary and which I went against doctor’s orders to return. I suspect I have a slipped disk in my back and I will use a cane before I go on pain medication. …And I am just another fraudulent member of Medicaid/ Medicare…
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    You shouldn't feel ashamed for needing Medicare/Medicaid. We should be ashamed you are not treated better.

    We can take care of our own.

    All the best! :) and keep ya' head up!