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Target Admits That 40 Million Customer's Credit Card Information was Stolen

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    Over 40 million customers that shopped at Target starting on Black Friday and on are at risk of having their credit card information stolen after the retail giant admitted to a major security breach. The card information that was stolen did not only pertain to a Target credit card, but all credit and debit cards that were used at their stores nation wide for the past few weeks. The hackers gained information on credit and debit card numbers, CVV security codes, and expiration dates. Those three things are all most people need to purchase something, especially at an online store.

    The United States Secret Service has begun an investigation into the breach and the company is imploring all of its customers to go through their statements and look for any purchases that they did not make. This unwanted headache will undoubtedly cause a major disruption to Target's bottom line and has the potential to spin out of its control if even a small fraction of the cards are used to purchase items illegally.

    I fully understand that hackers have the ability to do a wide range of things, but it just baffles me that a retail giant like Target is so vulnerable to an attack like this. That in itself is bad enough, but the fact that it took the company nearly a month to find out that the breach had happened worries me about the state of individuals information in the ever changing state of our technology age.

    What does everyone think of this breach? How can a company like this be so vulnerable? And if this can happen to a company that has some form of security controls, what does this mean for the small mom and pop companies that don't heave close to the amount of resources to protect their customers credit card information.