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petition against HP policies.

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    Yep, here I am again, with my one man campaign against the policies of the Huffington Post. I know some of you probably think I should let this go, shut up about it and move on, but sorry, I just cannot. Not this time. Too often people stop speaking out and then the only ones who win are big business, big money and the media that is controlled by the former two I just mentioned. We the people have a right to voice our opinions as long as we do not degrade or accuse others unjustly.

    So anyone that reads this, I hope you support my petition to ask Huffington post to change their policies which deny thousands, if not more, from signing up to their site and using their forums and blogs to share information, engage in open debates and speak our opinions.

    You can find my petition at ....however it seems that this site won't allow me to post the link. To search for it, type in the search browser on that site : Huffington Post: Change your policies.

    I appreciate your support. And if you need a direct link to that site, please let me know and I'll happily post my email address on here and forward the link to you.

    Thanks my fellow Dems !

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    How about a little more info? Went to and had no idea where to even look for your petition? What is the problem with HufPos policy on posting? I gave a terrible time navigating HufPo on my iPad every day. As far as I'm concerned they need to totally reform it!
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    The problem I, and many, many others have with they decided that new users would have to use their "real" names to make comments on their sites. The regular users were to be grandfathered in. However, that was a lie. In order for anyone to remain on were required to verify who you are by linking your name to a Facebook account, otherwise you cannot comment on anything in there. For one thing, I was already using my real name and had done since I started on there a long time ago. I do not use FB..I hate FB and refuse to have a FB account. Was there fair to me or all the others they lost on that site? Not to mention how their moderators were never on the same page when following the rules.

    I tried to post a link to my petition, but it seems that is next to impossible to do on here. I'll try it again.

    Try that my friend. I hope that is the complete link.
    You'll have to copy and paste the link into your browser. Sorry about that.
    I just did it and it worked. Thanks for your support.

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    Link doesn't seem to work for me.

    My feeling is that places like HufPo, Truthout, etc are great at opening peoples minds to different ways of thinking (good or bad) and I particularly enjoy reading the posts on both sides of each argument, however, when there are hundreds of posts I tend to read the first 10-20 and move on. I gave up posting on and reading every comment on most sites long ago (this being the exception) as a waste of my time. Too much of a good thing is bad for you !