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The new and improved MSNBC

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    Here it rant about the " new and improved" MSNBC website.
    I have to laugh at those redundant and improved. New, yes? Improved? Highly questionable. For I have spent the past week trying, in vain, to sign up on their "N/I" website. They said they sent me a confirmation/completion email and instructed me to click on their link. I am sure most of you have experienced this process from other sites you have joined.

    After waiting and searching and yes, checking my spam box for their email, I still have received nothing. I am a patient person but it seems after the recent Yahoo fiasco that shut down millions of email address without any explanation, and then the Huffington Post bigotry and Hypocrisy that they are spewing, that MSNBC would make some kind of effort to make this process easier. This reminds me of certain political parties that want you to join, yet want you to remain silent and offer you nothing in return.

    I have enjoyed watching many of the programs on MSNBC, but I am starting to disbelieve any of their promotions and ads as to wanting to get people involved, or wanting to hear any opinions from anyone that does not adhere to their agenda for joining.

    I do not use FB...I do not want to use FB and will never use FB. However, they and other sites seem to neglect those of us that choose not to use this anti-social, gossip page they call Facebook.
    I do not use Twitter. I do not want to use Twitter and have no desire to use Twitter. Yet, as posted before, they seem to want only those users with FB and Twitter accounts. Why?

    Believe it or not MSNBC and Huffington Post, there are people out here in the world that want to engage in debate and conversation and yet you choose block them or silence them or make it extremely difficult to do so.

    For those Huffington Post users, I encourage you to delete your accounts and boycott them until they change their position. Unless of course you support them and agree with their practice of silencing those that they do not deem as "worthy" of belonging to their "clique".

    To say you read your emails. Let's see if you really do and will answer my request and solve the issue I have with signing up on your website.

    I hope no one starts to label me as the Rant man.... :))

    Check out Mother Jones and Daily Kos....they are worthy and deny no one.
    Thanks to this site as well. At least they believe in freedom of speech and expression. Unlike Fox, HP and MSNBC. ( Oops, did I just lump them all together? )
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    Well, Comcast owns MSNBC now, that should answer a lot of your questions ;(

    On a side note tho if your get MSNBC thru your cable provider (Comcast, especially) you can live stream anywhere you have wifi on your tablet!

    Not to mention the fact there are so many post on HufPo it's almost impossible to even read them all why waste your time adding to the congestion? At least, here there are a limited number of know it alls (including me) who are more than happy to give you their opinion on ANY subject!
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    Thanks for the chuckle. I am just the type of person that will harp on this for awhile. I don't like when an obvious injustice has been done and especially when a site such as HP is suppose to one of those sites that fight against things like this from happening. I'm not done until someone tells me to shut up about it.

    As for MSNBC...I have tried that live stream...but didn't care for it. I'll still complain to them about it until I get a decent, logical response. Wrote to them again today about the issues I had with them not sending me a confirmation/instructional email. We'll see what happens. I'll start my daily writing them until they get sick of me.

    Btw, looking forward to the debates on here. From one "know-it-all" to another. Ha!