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An Ayn Rand society

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    How can we get more exposure of the Ayn Rand branch of the government and where they are trying to take us?
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    Ask her supporters to try and read her trash - most couldn't get thru the first chapter, I bet!
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    I agree with your idea. One day I was trying to look up more about Ayn Rand, and found a great recording, which may take 2 days to listen to it all.
    But some of the main ideas include: "God is Dead" --- which is kind of odd when you consider that most GOP think they are the world's most Christian people. (However, most of us who are actually Bible readers, know immediately that GOP are "fake" Christians, who do not seem to know the basic tenets of Christian faith) such as: the Golden Rule: "Do unto others as you would want them to do unto you." (such as feed the poor, care for widows & orphans). NOTE: the GOP act exactly the OPPOSITE, cutting off welfare payments, food stamps, social security, & medical care.

    Another idea from Ayn Rand was "will to power" and how the powerful (wealthy & upper-crust) should do whatever is necessary to achieve & to keep power, -- and those who are too weak, & not ruthless enough to gain power, should be discarded, ignored, & treated like pawns. There is no wonder that many consider the Ayn Rand philosophy as a prime formula for the Nazi Party. (I need to look this up further before I continue). I hope we can get this thread moving along, further, as it should be fascinating. A friend of mine compared Ayn Rand's ideas to the Tea Party of today: )

    P.S. -- I read 3 of Ayn Rand's novels --- (1) We the Living (2) Atlas Shrugged, & (3) Fountainhead. I thought they were excellent novels but I did not know at the time what the philosophy represented, & how it fit into political thoughts for our generation. I can't claim to remember a whole lot from those novels, except "We the Living" --- about a young girl growing up in Communist Russia, where you had to be a Communist in order to get good housing, or education, or a job --- so those who dissented had to sneak across the Siberian border (covered with deep snow, & heavily patrolled by armed guards), & to keep from being seen, the refugees had to wear a white rabbit fur coat, & crawl slowly across the frozen ground for many miles. Important to Note: that Ayn Rand grew up in Communist Russia & went to college at Petrograd Univ. She came to the USA in 1926.