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Washington Post's OP-ED is too "high brow" for Poetry

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    This is my first time posting on here so be gentle :) I have been so frustrated by all the issues we've had to deal with due to the Tea Party and those on the Right. I found that for me, the best way to express (with stress) how I felt, was to put it in poetic form. Per WP's rules, I didn't submit it to anyone else, I kept it within the limits of characters, and I gave my real name (they won't allow any anonymous submissions). Given all that, they sent it back stating "your piece is poetry and the Post generally doesn't publish poetry on the op-ed page". So what do I do now? I really want those who are so desperately trapped in the bubble, to see what I had written. If you have any ideas how I can get it out to the main stream so even the bubble people can benefit from the knowledge, I would be very grateful.

    I hope you enjoy my poem as much I enjoyed writing it...

    Taking Back the Country?

    I hear the “Beck” and calls of Rush and Palin,
    The Tea Party and those on the Right;
    They say we’re losing our freedoms and our Country
    And it’s happening before our very sight.

    They say that Patriots and Christians
    Must stand and fight and take our Country back;
    The problem with their way of thinking
    Is all seemed fine until our President was black?

    But where’s the acknowledgement of the Congress Right
    That brought our Country to a halt;
    Or the fact that their “SAY-NO” agenda
    Contributed greatly to the economic default.

    No “Jobs Bill”, no “Farm Bill”
    Hell…feel free to beat your wife;
    No infrastructure or immigration legislation
    But I’d guarantee all yes’s on a bill for pro-life.

    Less food stamps for hungry children
    And don’t forget the elderly or our Vets;
    If they could eliminate the program completely
    The Right would do it – No Regrets.

    And God forbid we work on healthcare
    Because to care for all would be a crime;
    Instead of putting the American people first
    They’ll just try to repeal it for the 47th time.

    Who cares if more time’s wasted
    On a bill they know won’t pass;
    Well, I guess they have to vote on something
    So the Speaker won’t continue to look like an ass.

    I’m tired that the Congress Right
    Protects the wealthy in budget deals;
    While cutting funding to help the rest
    On jobs and healthcare and meals.

    I’m tired of hearing Mr. Boehner say
    “We’re acting on the people’s will”;
    Yet most of the time the polls reflect different
    So, true action they’ll never fulfill.

    I’m tired of hearing the far Right misinformed
    That the President’s stripping our 2nd Amendment Rights;
    Then ideological radio and TV hacks
    Spin that stuff for the hatred it incites.

    I’m tired of our children being shot to death
    By a crazy gunman at any school he selects;
    When 80% of the American people out there
    Agree with me for, at least, stronger background checks.

    I’m tired of your proselytization, regulation
    And righteous indignation;
    Concerning all matters within “MY BODY”

    I’m tired of the shrinking hours and places
    Where minorities vote in red states;
    Take note all you Governors that are letting this happen
    Those long lines may just soon seal your fates.

    I’m tired of hearing “we’re all created equal”
    According to the Constitution, you see;
    Because, if that were true my dear “Patriots”
    That would include all the LGBT.

    And I’m tired of hearing that “you are Patriots”
    And how you defend the Constitution;
    But is it very “Patriotic” to put down OUR President
    And claim the better world leader is Putin?

    Although I am tired, it is you who must waken
    And see that world has grown;
    To a world of inclusion, acceptance and caring
    And by God we take care of our own.

    So as hard up to this point that you have tried
    And as much as you have persisted;
    The Country that you want so badly to take back
    For decades has not existed.

    ~ LD Gentry ~
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    Thanks, a breath of fresh air!
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    ldgentry --

    You put a lot of thought and creativity into the poem and it rings true. National newspapers are sometimes space limited, but have you tried sending it to Rachel Maddow? Also, the New Yorker magazine sometimes publishes pieces of poetry and maybe they would consider yours.

    Anyway thank you for sharing it.
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    Thanks for the link to the New Yorker, I'll try that. I have wanted to send it to Rachel Maddow, in fact I'd love to send it to all the liberal talkers on both tv and the radio in hopes that just one of them would read it to the pubic. I think sometimes if you make conservatives face what they've said and done they might, even if it's just one, consider how wrong their way of thinking is for the Country (now that we've come out of the dark ages). One can only hope :)
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    That is very good, you get an "A" for that piece. Add the evil flying monkeys (Republicans & Tea Partiers), the wicked witch of the East (Bachman) and the wicked witch of the West (Palin) and the cast of Rush Limbaugh (Pope of the Republicans and soon to be Tea Party), Green Eggs & Ham Ted Cruz, and the wart on Limbaugh's backside Huckabee and you are on your way to an "A+". A few of us is not as nice as your poem. You are indeed a breath of fresh air in the trenches of our war with a notorious political right. So, why do they get to be called the "Right" and our Democratic cause affair the "Left"? I haven't talked to or seen anything right or righteous from the Republicans or Tea Partiers. The media is currently reporting, "How many Republicans does it take to screw in a light bulb?,.....None. They are unable to screw in a light bulb. However, Republicans are consorting with Tea Partiers to learn how to screw in a light bulb. Apparently, Tea Partiers don't know how to do it either. Maybe this is why Democrats can't function with a dysfunctional group of Republicans and Tea Partiers and all of Congress goes nowhere.

    If you ever get your poems not so nice (going rogue), you can send them to Bill Maher and Cobert. Try watching Doomsday Preppers and you will become a wild-eyed Duckster, ready to pounce on the unsuspecting political right. Hey, they (Republicans) have been doing this to us (Democrats) for decades. It's time to dig-in and fight back with all the gusto protecting our civil rights. It's past the schoolyard politics, we are now delivering the nukes.
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    Hello: I really enjoyed your poetry. It seems we share the same point of view. And poetry is often a powerful way to express it. Keep on writing and discovering a new place to post it. By the way, "song lyrics" are a VERY powerful way to use your poetry.

    I found out ONE possible REASON your poetry was not accepted on the Washington Post:

    Since 2000, the editor, of the editorial page, has been FRED HIATT -- (Harvard grad, age 58) and gradually the newspaper began to exhibit the point of view of a "neo-con" newspaper, with conservative ideas on foreign affairs, & no longer "liberal" on domestic issues. Examples: he supported the Bush invasion of Iraq in 2003, - then he supported the Keystone XL "tar sands" pipeline into US from Alberta Canada, - then he allowed George Will to use "false science" while debunking "global warming." Some of these trends to the right-wing seem to be caused by less readers & less newspaper sales, at that time, & the resulting need to increase readership from all political parties. Media Matters watchdog group also noticed the trend.