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Tis the season to be warned of your charity giving

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    The above link was an attempt to make inquiry on "The Wounded Warrior Project". I found it informative and there were side links from this site that sent you a location that grades these publicized giving organizations. It appears that most I recognize, as I thought were honest and gave a major portion 90% or more to the needy group that would benefit from my funds, is shady and operate as a scam. I realize scam is a harsh word and these groups need to make operating expenses, but it is clear to me that some CEO is making a lot of money organizing this sham to the American public. If any of you can locate other rating organizations, please send them in to us that read this post. These popular funding groups are pocketing 90% or more for themselves. Less than 10 cents out of $1.00 gets to the people you want to help.

    Something is very wrong with this capitalistic greedy country when they prey on our humanity to give during this season to support a people in need and in reality is supporting their own agenda. I liken this to just down right stealing from our good graciousness of giving.

    Tis the season to give, but beware of who you give your hard earned money too. It may go to some Republican or Tea Party agenda item and/or support some Taliban venture for an attack on America. Criminals will stop at nothing to get your money.