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Who's the Traitor?

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  • Democrat
    Lagunitas, CA
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    By showing us the duplicity and dysfunction of our government, Edward Snowden has done us a great service. There are no Democrats or Republicans in Washington, only opportunists who feed on the taxpayer and do very little in return. Our bloated and wasteful military and spy agencies eat up half of our federal budget. Where's the beef? To what good purposes does any of that money go?

    NSA's former Technology Director, Bill Binney, who developed the 'Thread' program which spies on our e-mails and phone calls said last week that Senator Diane Feinstein, her Senate Intelligence Committee and Obama himself should be impeached for destroying our Fourth Amendment privacy protections. Feinstein calls Snowdon a traitor, when it is really the other way around. She even bailed on Obamacare to protect her chairmanship, the source of her power. Swaddled in wealth all her life, she has no idea of what it takes to pay the rent or find money to fix the kid's teeth. The Moneyocracy which governs Washington is killing our country for all except the 10% or so at the top.

    Alex Easton-Brown
    Lagunitas CA
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    Alex you make some good points but your math is off.

    Percentage of spending for FY12:

    Medicare & Medicaid 23%
    Social Security 22%
    Interest on the debt 6%

    That's over half right there. So when you say ..."military and spy agencies eat up half of our federal budget"... you are incorrect. I agree with you that the military and spy agencies take far more than they should, but let's stick to the truth.

    The worst is the interest on the debt because for that $220 billion we get NOTHING in return. Zero! Wasted money, down the drain!

    You are exactly right when you say that the Dems and Repubs are opportunists who feed on the taxpayer. Whose fault is that? Ours. We keep reelecting these sorry people. Every election I always hear that this time "We're going to vote all of them out!" but we don't. Very few are voted out and the system won't change as long as the "good ole boy network" runs everything in Washington. They only care about two things from us: our campaign contributions and our vote, nothing more.

    Right about Feinstein, she has no clue what it's like to be among the lower 99%. And she's hardly alone, there's too many rich and out-of-tune and out-of-touch people in Congress, and it doesn't seem to be getting better.
  • Liberal
    Durham, NH
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    Perhaps the first requirement for running for Congress or the Presidency should be living entirely on food stamps for six months? I suspect we would be "blessed" with a much higher quality of candidates than we have in the past.
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    Who were our Founding Fathers? Were they all uneducated "poor" bastards? NO, I'm afraid not. It took brains, intelligence, great education, and some varied but highly skilled jobs among them. Men of letters, with great skill in writing and formulating opinions & govt policies. It was just a miracle we had such men way back in 1775. Those who wrote the Declaration of Independence & the Constitution had experience in matters of state & monetary planning. Thomas Paine was an excise agent in England, He was also a sailor, corsetmaker, teacher, & owner of a small shop, & later designed an iron bridge, & wrote Revolutionary pamphlets. He wrote that America should have a system of "welfare" for poor people, retired elderly people, wounded soldiers, orphans & widows, paid for out of excess taxes. (SEE? He wrote this in the 1790's --- It was an IDEA of our FOUNDERS, not some Marxist idea from the 19th century). But you can't expect "poor" Republicans, who do not seem to have a very good education, despite all their money --- to KNOW ABOUT THAT. They probably got their degrees from Payola U., from their rich Daddy's donations, so you can't expect them to actually STUDY anything. That is a BIG problem, today, why so many wealthy people are running the show, with no true experience or knowledge, but just an empty degree that is totally worthless, since the recipient was only in college for the great "frat" parties.
  • Liberal
    Durham, NH
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    I'm being facetious, of course (but you knew that, didn't you)!