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Teenage British diving star Tom Daley comes out in YouTube video

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    Tom Daley, United Kingdom's star Olympic diver (19 years old) just came out on his YouTube channel. This guy is maybe not that well known in the US. But, he is very popular in the UK. He won a gold medal at the 2012 London Olympics.

    It's debatable if this kind of spotlight is deserved or not over the topic of someone's sexual preference. Many have said, "What's the big deal? If he were dating a girl, this wouldn't be a story at all." And, that's fair. But in reality, this is a big deal to those afraid to admit that they themselves are gay too. The more stories that come out like this, the more examples we have of famous people publicly coming out, the less fear and anxiety regular people might have in the future to come out to their friends and family. They can think, well Tom Daley came out on YouTube and he can basically get any girl he wants, so maybe I can do the same as well.

    I know that homosexuality is looked at by many around the world as a negative against someone. But, I like to think that a growing majority of people have much more of a 'live and let live' philosophy toward sexual preference. Hell, there's plenty of evidence to suggest that some the toughest amongst us in history (Spartans, Greeks, etc.) were indeed homosexual, or at the very least bi-sexual. Now, we have another example; an Olympic, gold-medal winner has come out as currently dating another man. Not a big deal for some. Has already pissed off several people on twitter. But, has also likely given more strength to the LGBT community and it's would-be members.

    It's fair to mention that Tom Daley also says that he is still attracted to girls. So, by coming out, this is more a confession of bi-sexuality that homosexuality. What do you make of all this? Do you think this is a positive on the 'gay' conversation the world is currently fighting over, especially with the Russian Olympics about to happen? What do you think the backlash will be, if any, on Daley's future career in athletics?

    Here's the YouTube video of Tom Daley coming out on his personal channel:

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    This is news? Really? That is what I ..."make of all this"... Who cares? What possible difference does it make if this guy is gay or not?

    Of even less significance is the question of whether or not the Spartans, Greeks, etc were homosexual, bisexual, trisexual, quadrasexual...etc

    This guy is from the UK so he should be fine. Other countries...not so much. Iran for instance has no homosexuals. Amazing, huh? Remember former President Amadenijhad declared there were none in Iran. Not one.

    In the UK I would think this may even help his career after diving, because he'll be a famous openly gay person.

    I look forward to the day when this type of "story" will not be news at all.
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