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Garth Brooks set to come out of retirement

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    Garth Brooks has been retired since 2000. He decided then to not work during the week so he could spend as much time with his family as possible. And, to just work on the weekends. I don't blame the guy; he made so much money in the 1990's that the guy never needed to work a day in his life again. He has done several shows since then on the weekends in Las Vegas. But, he hasn't been in the studio working on and releases new material. The deal was to consider going back at it after his last child graduates high school. Well that's about to happen, in 2014. And, he just announced that he plans on coming out of retirement.

    Garth Brooks was one of my favorite country singers when I was younger. I wore out his greatest hits album several times over. Growing up in Texas, he was synonymous with country music. Now, given where the country music scene has gone since the '90's, I think he is missed. Personally, I think the genre has gone in the wrong direction in the last few decades. But maybe that's just my bias.

    Do you think he can return to his former glory and once again remake the genre back into his former image?