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Snapchat in a Facebook-like situation: 'Who's idea was it really' lawsuit

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    They made a movie over the creation of Facebook. It was called 'The Social Network'. It essentially showed how Facebook came to be. David Fincher and his film made the name Mark Zuckerberg even more of a household name than it already kinda was. Zuckerberg is now widely known as the guy that created Facebook. But, did he cut people out of the company as it grew that deserved their fair share of the hoards of money their contributions helped create? That's in essence what the film documents, while taking a lot of factual liberties with the story. But still, the kernel of the story remained in tact. And now, a new social media startup that's quickly on the rise, Snapchat, has a curiously similar lawsuit pending over who came up with the idea, and if they deserve a share in the company or not.

    Bascially, 3 college guys in Stanford that were in the same fraternity and all seemed to be friends are part of the lawsuit. 2 of the 3, including the current CEO of Snapchat, Evan Spiegel, are part of the company today. The third, a guy named Reggie Brown, is not. But, Reggie claims that he actually was the one that came up with the idea in the first place. He thinks that he deserves part of company and its potential, enough to sue for it.

    And, it looks like he could actually win. In a few articles I read, they actually have footage of CEO Spiegel admitting that Brown likely does deserve at least something in return for his early contributions. This article below sums up the entire controversy nicely, and includes leaked videos of the 3 talking. Only source I have been able to find it at, so it's definitely worth reading and watching.

    This is all strangely similar to Zuckerberg's story. Ivy league college kids in a fight over credit for a social media app idea that takes the world by storm with its flood of users in such a short time period. You even have the obvious leader of the creators, in this case Spiegel, that's the front man to the press and clearly one the main guys, if not for sure the sole main guy that does all the daring and cool things that make the product so popular, in the background. You should listen to Spiegel talk. He really understands the philosophy of his company. He reminds me a lot of Zuckerberg.