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The strangest presidential candidate, ever

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    At All Things Democrat I started a series entitled "Vetting Democrats" which was intended to be just that; vetting our party's presidential candidates for 2016. Little did I know that I would find fringe, Democratic candidates as strange as the teabaggers running for political office. We need to run high quality, thoroughly vetted candidates in the Democratic Party.

    Here's an excerpt of my 4th post on the strangest candidate I've ever seen, in either party - Angelo Scrigna:

    I found that Scrigna was carpet-bombing the internet by entering his name and business title in every free social media, micro-blogging and blogging platform imaginable. If you took the time to enter his name in a web search, you’d find dozens of results with the same few lines: his name, his fictitious company, and his fictitious job title where he’s always the President or CEO of the company. At 30-something years old, he promotes himself as the "youngest person ever to be the President or CEO of over 30 businesses and 3 stock exchanges" (which, as you’re about to learn, is a wild stretch of the imagination). To say he has vast experience with the legal system is tongue-n-cheek; he’s been both the plaintiff and defendant in dozens of cases. As the plaintiff, he’s claimed to be part-owner of Disney and the Los Angeles Dodgers. I say he’s a trademark troll. Scrigna argues he’s gathering “trade names”, which I suppose makes him a trade name troll. And then, of course, there are patent trolls. Trademark, trade name and patent trolls target well-known businesses and attempt to extort money from them. For example, Scrigna lists himself as the President and CEO of Google, Inc. Pissing-off Google is not wise; they went after name troller Leo Stoller who ended-up bankrupt. Scrigna also claims ownership to companies named Larry Flint Publications, Checks Cashed Payday Advance, Berkshire Hathaway, Inc., and 4 variations of Disney (see more companies he claims to own).

    As a defendant, he’s been in court dozens of times for a variety of offenses, including a bomb threat and numerous restraining orders (although, he evades these facts by saying he has “no convictions”).

    It seems that both false claims of business stature and legal problems run in the family. According to their entries in CorporationWiki, Angelo’s brother Sundown Scrigna served as the President of Google, Inc. and claims to have been Prez of 4 other companies. Sundown was also wanted by Hawaiian police along with Angelo. And then there’s Gino Scrigna, who claims to have been President or Secretary of Google, Inc. and the same 4 companies as Angelo and Sundown. Do these guys really think no one is going do a web search to verify their stories?

    As a presidential candidate, Scrigna’s looking for a big payday with a $500,000 fundraiser (that’s fooling no one with zero contributions, to-date).

    Read the full story and 3 more posts on Scrigna with more background information at All Things Democrat