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Maria Bartiromo Moving to Fox Business Network

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    Longtime CNBC business correspondent Maria Bartiromo is leaving the network she's called home for the past twenty years and is moving over to the rival Fox Business Network. While Fox News has not made an official announcement, multiple sources have stepped forward to confirm the reports. Ms. Bartiromo will leave CNBC when her contract expires on November 24th.

    Ms. Bartiromo is one of the few financial commentators out there that tends to state things as they are without pushing her own agenda or ideology. While I may not always agree with everything she says, I do respect her far more than many other financial "journalists" out there.

    What does every one think of her move over to the Fox Business Network? Does this mean that she will start pushing a more neoconservative monetary policy or will she be able to continue her nonpartisan persona on the archly conservative network?
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    I really don't follow the various reports on CNBC or FBN for that matter, I wish her well nonetheless, I am told that FBN welcomes a different view to their more conservative shows just to bolster their own fan /viewer base.
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    I know that Fox News beats their competition in the ratings but don't know about how FBN does against theirs.

    She hasn't even had her first show on her new network so it's a little early to start the conspiracy theories don't you think? Who am I kidding? It is absolutely time to speculate and overreact!
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    FOX, Bloomberg, and CNBC are losing their market share to an internet Financial Network called Tastytrade. According to Tom Sosnoff, founder and personality on the Tastytrade network , Tastytrade has already surpassed Bloomberg, and Fox Business in viewership and may possibly have already surpassed CNBC. Sosnoff is a very respected former floor trader and guru of options and founded the brokerage firm Think or Swim, which is now owned by T.D. Ameritrade. Tastytrade is Tom's latest project. It has only been on the air less than 3 years and is changing the way the retail investor manages his/her money. Find it on It is unlike any other Financial Network you have ever seen, but watch a couple of days and you will see how they are changing world of investing.
    Why mention this. Maria Bartiromo may soon be looking for another move.
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    I would suggest that anyone who "Manages their money" by watching so called business network TV shows/channels has been a looser all along!
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    pgr you make the obvious good point. Any money management decisions should be made by consulting a legit financial advisor. The "financial news" networks have their place by providing real time financial news and commentary---nothing more.

    Karem Talk about speculating and overreacting! Maria has not yet begun her new job and you're already talking about her NEXT NEXT move? Let's let her have her first day on her new job first!

    Never heard of this web site, maybe Maria never has either.