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    Liberals also play a major role in an un-civic society. I live in the most liberal state in the country. But free speech shouldn't include half of what's played on the radio. Immigration must be enforced. Parents having no accountability must be addressed, children being coddled not coached, homosexual clubs in our middle schools. laws collapsing to public opinion..... I do not in way support the right and establishment republican party but the left is as culpable.

    As previously stated I'm first generation U.S. citizen ...Mexican heritage (mother's side) and I am 100% American. My friends who also have this is common call me a
    PLASTICO. (fake chicano). My friends don't speak Spanish, have never been to mexico and are the first to claim Mexican pride on cinco de mayo. Never realizing that Spain conquered Mexico giving them European heritage. They are pro immigration except when they're the one's losing jobs to undocumented people.

    In Los Angeles, no license or insurance is a 30 day mandatory impound of your vehicle. two weeks ago our city counsel passed an ordinance granting illegals reprieve from that law. I'm a U.S. citizen and am bound to comply with that law but an illegal doesn't need to comply////// Help me out here

    Gangsta Rap music, and any other music that influences children are protected by the first amendment, but an employer must hire a cross dresser. Help me out here.

    Your children and my children are NOT special. Our feelings for them make it so. They are just children given way too much credit in this country. They all get trophy's in the park leagues, they can't get spanked, a disorder of some sort is often the cause of their mis-behavior. Help me out here

    California passed a law allowing 12 year old boys to use the girls restroom if in doubt about their wanting to have boobs not balls in our middle schools. Help me out here.