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Unseasonable Tornadoes Hammer Illinois, Greater Midwest

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    An unseasonable round of strong storms ravaged the Midwest Sunday, leaving five killed and dozens wounded in its wake. My home region of central Illinois was hit especially hard, where the storm nearly leveled the town of Washington, IL. In all, more than seventy tornadoes were reported throughout the region.

    This one hits home to me because one of my family member's house was not spared in this tornadoes path. Their house was one of thousands damaged and destroyed by dozens of tornadoes that hit the region. While the exact extent of the damage is not known yet, it will undoubtedly be extensive. It will take take months, if not years, to rebuild some of the communities ravaged by this storm.

    What does everyone think about this very unusual round of storms in the Midwest? Having been born and raised in the region, I must say that I don't recall many storms of this nature during this time of the year. We had plenty in the spring and summer, but not in late November.
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    Climate change is not going to be pretty!
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    Sarah Palin says there's no such thing. I believe her.....along with Hannity, beck and my drug addicted buddy RUSH. Those storms are anomalies
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    I feel for your family member who was in the path. I hope they are all ok. I'm in Ohio so we got high winds but luckily no tornados (in my area). Weather is crazy everywhere. I believe it will get worse with global warming.
    What I hate is how meteorologist over react so much. They act like it's raining fire. It's their window for being the most important in the news cast. Let alone breaking into every show on tv. Of course there's times when that's important....but also times when it's just sensationalism.